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Working as a decent doctor is better than working as a decent lawyer

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Started: 3/19/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round acceptance only...

Hi. Welcome to my debate. Hopefully you would have a fun time here.

Doctors are needed to help other people's health issues. Lawyers, on the other hand, are needed to clear people's social problems. When we look at two careers, they worth mostly the same. But what career would we prefer to work if we have a choice?


so lawyer have to be in court every day while doctors don't
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for joining...

I would like to post my arguments.

1. Everyone needs doctors; not many people need lawyers. Therefore, doctor is a more stable job than lawyer.

Doctors are more stable than lawyers. Take 1 million people for example. How many of them would need a doctor for their whole lives? How many would need a lawyer? The answer is unmistakable: all 1 million people would need doctors to take care for their health, but only some would need a lawyer. Nobody, even Con and Pro, would never get sick their whole lives. Therefore, everyone need a doctor. Also, many doctors work for insurance companies or the government and get paid by them. For example, in Canada, every doctor is paid by the government. Unless the government is not stable, the doctors' salary should not be suddenly cut by some unexpected circumstances. As a result, doctor is a stable job.

On the other hand, a lawyer only works for client who have some major disputes or need a notary. Of course, people who have major disputes are plentiful these days, but not as plentiful as people being sick. When we think of ourselves, we could hardly find any major problem, whether it is in our family or from our activities, that must be put on court. In fact, many people want to avoid the court because they have to pay for the expensive lawyer fees and probably pay some more if they lose the argument. The court, however, is an important part in a lawyer career. But if people want to avoid it as much as possible, (especially because of the lawyer fees) lawyers would have a harder time to get customers than doctors.

Lawyers can also work for the government to legislate laws, but out of 10000 lawyers, only some could get that legislative seat. They have to be a specialist to be accepted in that position.


So what if your suing someone for money because they almost tried to kill you
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, patients can sue doctors for wrong treatments, but what we are arguing here is about a decent doctor, not the ones who make so many mistakes that nobody visits them anymore.


Layers are the best
Debate Round No. 3


Sorry I do not understand what you mean by "layers." However, I will continue my arguments.

2. Many people appreciate the service that doctors give them, but only some appreciate lawyers' service

Our lives are more important than our social issues and laws, which would mean nothing after we die. As a life saver, doctors are more appreciated than lawyers for several reasons. Of course, doctors save many lives, if not all, but lawyers could not save any.

Also, there are a few times when lawyers fail to solve the social problems and laws, or fail to persuade the judge. Indeed, we human are not all perfect, so both doctors and lawyers made some mistakes. However, doctors will hardly ever fail in an medical operation; lawyers, on the other hand, have to argue against someone, maybe even another lawyer, and one side has to win. Therefore, in every debate, there will be a winning side and a losing side, so there will be failure. The failing side will have distrust between both the lawyer and the person who hires that lawyer, and that losing lawyer will not like the winning one. As a result, a lawyer, in a debate, will have half of the people who appreciate his service, and the other half, or the opposite side, who will not appreciate it. With almost all people appreciate doctors and only half, or even less, appreciate lawyers, who would be more appreciated?


what if your going t jail? wouldnt you need a lawyer to help get you out
Debate Round No. 4


I will refute Con's argument (or rather a question).

I have never said that working as a lawyer is bad, but that working as a doctor is better than working as a lawyer. I agree with Con that lawyers are helpful in getting people out of jail. However, a criminal is a criminal for the rest of his/her life. Getting out of jail, this person's life might not get any better, and the individual might even do harm to the society again. For example, employers would not accept that person's applications once they found out what that person is, and therefore he would not get any decent jobs (or even no job). This individual may even create more problems for the society, such as stealing things or joining gangs. If the convict completely understands his mistakes, (which is unlikely because he/she lives in jail, a world of lawbreakers and addiction) then the lawyer is truly helpful for the society.



hd1997 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by i_know_all_and_i_will_win 7 years ago
What if you dieing. Wouldn't you need a doctor for help.
Posted by cavedweller 7 years ago
Lawyers are involved in lobbying and forming legislation, you have a very narrow understanding of what they actually do beyond the television screen. A lot of prominent lawyers have been successful in achieving human rights due to their profession,, not forgetting economic, political, social rights etc.
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Vote Placed by Relativist 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's contentions were very short generalisations. The debate ended abruptly with a forfeiture. This doesn't measure up to pro's arguments, which was the only argument presented. I'm awarding points to the rightfully deserved.

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