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World War 3

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Started: 10/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many, People believe that world war 3 will occur sometime soon I think that too but due to the new threat of north Korea being ruled over the new leader Kim John UN and how he has been approaching his nuclear testing recently he will soon launch one that was just a little too close to a country that has bad relations with him and then all hell will break loose.


I believe that World War 3 will not occur any time soon. What I would first like to mention is that believe it or not, the world leaders (including Kim Jong-un) know what they are doing. There is no reason that he would show off his weapons so much if he wanted to start WW3. Due to his recent threatening actions, countries are now able to prepare for if the slight possibility happens that war breaks loose; an example of this is the activation of THAAD. Also, there would be no reason for Kim Jong-un to even start WW3. If he does that he knows that his country would most likely not exist by the end of it.
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Posted by CrypticIndividual 3 years ago
@ND If World War 3 breaks loose then of course North Korea will be the cause of it. North Korea can easily declare war and their citizens won't be a major issue due to the propaganda they receive. There is no way the US would be able to declare war, not anybody would agree to that as it is obviously a very foolish move.
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
I would debate, but are you "pro" a third global war?
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
All hell will not break loose like that. NK will not nor will be the cause of ww3. The US could be that cause, but not the n NK.
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