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World War II

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Started: 6/6/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Allies would have defeated Nazi Germany without the help of the USA. I will wait for my opponent to argue first.


I will attempt to prove that nazi Germany would not have been defeated should the USA not have joined.

First of all, I will prove the presence of the USA during WWII.

This needs no sourcing as it is commonly known.

1. The US provided essential supplies to both Britain and the USSR. That was their major contribution prior to Pearl Harbour, which they did in higher numbers after Pearl Harbor. Anticipating that my opponent will argue the importance of Russia and them succesfully defeating 80% of Germany's forces, I will already make clear that Russia's main reason for succes was the fact that they could build millions of T-34 tanks in all their factories. Won't mention numbers yet, because the point is: they were able to do that because America supplied them with trucks and other sorts of transport, so that their factories could focus on tanks.

2. The US helped Gen. Montgomery (Brit) defeat the Africa Corps. Big Red One was present during these last months of reconquering Africa. If I recall well, 200 000 German soldiers surrendered in Africa. Secondly, during operation Husky, they succesfully invaded Sicily which had major psychological effects on the Italian people, who then turned against the Axis. They also forced the present German forces to retreat.

3. Practically opening a third front on D-day, which is 70 years ago today (is this why you set up this debate?) also succesfully forced the German troops to retreat. Following to this event, large parts of Europe were liberated: this was a fantastic territorial contribution, especially considering the fact that many concentration camp internees were now freed sooner rather than later.

4. The famous example that happened in my country exists as well: the Battle of the Bulge. This is the only time America faced major resistance, but managed to deal a direct blow to Germany and in fact deal a deadly blow to what remained of Hitler's forces. Although America suffered major losses as well, Germany now had no reserves left and the luftwaffe was shattered (the Sovjets were not capable of defeating the luftwaffe!). The remaining German troops were forced back behind the Siegfried Lines. Germany also lost 600 of its precious tanks, which where their main advantage.

I would like to see what my opponent comes up with. I promise to forfeit the last round so that it will remain fair.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Imperator5 forfeited this round.


Debate Round No. 2


Imperator5 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ShadowKingStudios 7 years ago
Damn, damn, damn! I had hoped to hear more Revic, since from the moment I read the title I instantly became a "con" too before clicking on the link.

This should be a lesson to us--do not enter debates started by avatar-less members with no significant info on their profile.
Posted by revic 7 years ago
I would accept this if there are more rounds...
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