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Would Mike Pence make a good President?

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Started: 5/18/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Mike Pence would make a great President. He will make christian life easier, he will decrease homosexuality, he will decrease liberalism, he will stick up to conservative values, and he will improve the economy. When he was governor of Indiana he fixed up the state and put them 2 million dollars above budget and make them one of the richest states in the country. He will target drugs and wipe them off of American soil, he will stop the spread of gay marriage, ban pornografy, and end abortion once and for all. In 2025 he will make America ever greater.


Mike Pence would not make a great President.

Pence will make Christian life easier: Christian life is easy enough and does not need to be made easier. When Christians complain about being persocuted, they are generally complaining about not being able to persocute others. If Christian life is made easier, than any life of one who is not Christian has been made harder. This does not make someone a good president and it does not make American great.

Pence will decrease homosexuality: I don't know if this means he will make people who were homosexual NOT homosexual, but unless he's rounding up gays and putting them on a boat to Europe I don't see how this is achievable. Self-identification of non-heterosexuality has been on the rise since a poll in 1990. Gallup has reported that the percentage of people who believe same-sex relations should be legal has risen every two years since 1977. It's biggest increase was during the Reagan era. I don't see how Pence will do any better.

Pence will improve the economy: I would love to know how. Please be sure to tell me in your response.

Pence as governor of Indiana: First off, having a surplus in your state doesn' automatically translate to the national budget. Reagan made that pretty clear after running on a fiscally conservative platform and increasing the deficit from $900 billion to over $3 trillion. While there, he also gutted the budget for education and tried to start a state-run newspaper, which I don't need to point out is how people get their news in China and North Korea.

Pence will target drugs and wipe them off of American soil: This is again, not achievable.

Pence will ban ponography: LOL (pronounced "loll") okay.

Pence will end abortion: Just like same-sex marriage, this is not within a President's power now that it has been ruled by the Supreme Court. Any action he takes will be easily ruled unconstitutional by the single federal judge it takes to stop the order. Abortion is here to stay.
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Posted by Mharman 3 years ago
We have gays forcing people to make cakes against their religion. Of course Christians are being persecuted.
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