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Would Monarchy be able to function in the modern would today without the creation of Tyranny?

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Started: 2/18/2018 Category: Politics
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In today's Republic based and democratic world it is hard to imagine anything like monarchies in 20th century Europe as being able to happen. From our government to our schools we are told about the evils and negatives of Monarchy and it's horrible en devours. I'm here to argue for the creation and existence of a "Selective" Monarchy where the ruler of a nation is decided by nationwide IQ, Personality, Psychosis, and aptitude tests and who's powers are only limited by a Strict Constructionist constitution and their citizens. My main point is that it is clear that the democratic and Republic based systems have failed us. From economic crisis, to needless wars that definitely go against the will of the people, to the unavoidable corruption and incompetence in almost every single government body. I believe that only under a monarchy can one make choices that benefit the people as a whole and do so efficiently without meddling from public interest groups and others detriments on human society. Anyway, i would like to hear your opinion, is monarchy a reasonable solution to such a great problem?


First of all, Monarchy does not give the people freedom to choose
a particular leader.
If "Selective Monarchy" happens to be adopted, then what about
the case of "inheritance". We might not want the "son" of a monarch
to lead us, due to his deranged personality.
Significantly, morality can not be totally drawn from personality, and IQ.
Intelligence can be used to do good and bad. Personality can be feigned.
Thus, Initially the monarch would be benevolent, and then turn out to be
a tyrant.
The Monarch rules for several years, he won't surely be the same as he was
in the beginning.
Too much Time creates too much Space.
Debate Round No. 1


Although monarchy gives a possibility of an overthrow, the chance of that happening would be small as the ruler already has a decent amount of control. The only thing that selective monarchy changes is the removal of hereditary transitions and the instillation of the monarch as the best person for the job. Under a monarchy the king has no incentive to take bribes or lobbyists. Compare that to "representatives" who have to worry about fundraising, campaigning, and winning the next election. In a sense, the governments we have today more corrupt and arguably more tyrannical then any monarchies that exist besides them. In this modern world, the chance of such a tyrant overthrowing the system and becoming a tyrant would be rare. If you look at monarchies and republics what you see is that far more "republics" have been overthrown by an evil tyrant than monarchies. Most that are, are taken over due to hereditary power. If the removal of this, the figure would have an even lower chance.


While it is putatively true that more republics "had been"
overthrown, we cannot justify that monarchies weren't met
that same fate.
When monarchy started, there were wars, people fought for domination.
Regicide was its peak,
Family members betrayed each others just to be on the throne.
Bad practices from monarchy has entered other forms of government.
Monarchy, being the oldest form of government, was where most practices were derived.

Some methods used in Monarchy were absurd and needed refinement, this led to "other" forms of government.
Picture it this way...
if "Democracy" was to be from the beginning, would we have a better government now ?

For the case of bribery. it started from monarchy. Mouths were shut with Gold.
Actions were bought with Gold (A Minister
r could be bribed with gold, to steal the kingdom's secret).
What more would come from the domination of monarchy ?
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