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Would Trotsky be a better leader than Stalin was?

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Started: 5/16/2018 Category: Politics
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I believe that Leon Trotsky was a better revolutionary and could've been a better leader than Stalin due to his political beliefs. Trotsky was a powerful revolutionary and a man of the people, he was not as power hungry as Stalin was and led the Red army during Russia's Civil War as a brilliant strategist and thinker. I am open for debate and would love to talk about this.


Stalin's Theme Tune but instead of White America make it Soviet Russia.:

The idea that 'better leader' is to be defined as more humanitarian leader is the crux of Pro's case even though they haven't explained that yet.

I will counter it by this: A leader is someone who leads. Trotsky was submissive from the start to his bitter demise. He was the alpha of the Mensheviks but betrayed them and turncoated to join the superior party that was started from scratch just like the Mensheviks but outplayed.

Lenin schooled Trotsky and the rest of the Mensheviks in political arena tactics and Stalin, capitalising on an opportunity that arose from Lenin's illness outplayed not just Trotsky but every single prominent member of the Bolsheviks as well as the media itself in order to go from Lenin's effimante secretary b***boy to alpha male of the entire nation.

He was a psychopath yes and an overly cruel gangster to the bitter end but G's are leaders to the core even when they follow. If Trotsky had been a real G to the core, he'd have helps Stalin outplay the others and been to Stalin what Stalin had been to Lenin (an epic supporting player to the glorious hard-carry player). Instead Trotsky was a thorn in Stalin's side from the millisecond Lenin died to the moment he was exiled to whatever spanish nation that was.

Stalin was as gangster as it gets. There will never and has never been a leader as OG as him. Having a ton of children and leaving them fatherless is not being an OG, Genghis Khan is overrated as hell and was at a time when gangster ethos and mafia philosophy was brand new to humanity. Stalin was around at a time where politics and gangster hierarchy and klick-klack-bang moves were all around. He had a ton of people who wanted him powerless and gone before he stepped into power and used Lenin's illness and the fact he'd been such a ridiculously loyal and insanely skills support to Lenin to his entire advantage and everyone who bowed before him was treated in kind until they decided to not be useful anymore.

Stalin owed the world nothing, he was bullied as a child for being of Georgian descent and in prison he and Lenin made the Bolsheviks, outplayed the Mensheviks took over russia and ruled with an iron fist.
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