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Would it be better if the sun emits red sunlight, rather then white?

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Started: 11/4/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The world would be better with a nicer with a tint of red. That would mean red looking skies, moon, and red snow.

Just think about how many times it would be useful to eat red snow!


Red light has a higher temperate than white light and many things would melt.
Debate Round No. 1


Red light does not have higher temperatures. In fact, light does not even heat objects that hot. Like its barely noticble When I am outside.

Even if it was, it would be good. Imagine all the cheese sandwiches I could cook! Outside! with a renewable energy source!

However, this does not mean red light does not have more engergy. Since light has mass, and red light is heavier, then white light, we can make more energy. Recall from your high school phyics class E=mc^2 This equation obviously explains the connection between light and mass, and how they can make lots and lots of energy.


Light does not have mass. If light had mass then we would not be able to move. Just imagine how much all of the light around you would weigh! The heat that the red light produces is extremely troublesome. Things would start to melt and we would have flooding of many molten liquids. People will have to move to high land to avoid extinction. After a few thousand years a new element will be found which allows the molten liquids to have solidify but most of the world is now unusble for aggriculture.

If sunlight was red then we would be unable to differentiate between other colours of light because red light has the highest visible density index of anything on the electromagnetic spectrum. All colours would appear to be red. Nobody would know when to go at traffic lights! Nobody will be able to notice when a robot becomes evil!

Red sunlight would also result in the obsolescence of any applications of infrared. If all light is red then infrared waves are not detectable. This would result in a loss of lots of technology such as night vision equipment, thermographic cameras and heat seeking missiles.
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Posted by jessevsm 2 years ago
Unfortunately, many of the arguments made in this debate come from a bit of ignorance. There have been studies in the past that have tested how different colors can affect moods and such. Though, admittedly, I can't remember where that study is. But for most, I don't believe warm colors such as red has a very calming effect on most people.

Also, in terms of temperature, I wouldn't expect red light to have more energy than the other colors. In fact, I would expect it to have lower levels of energy since it has a longer wave-length than blue/violet light.

It is correctly stated that light effectively has mass. A very small amount of mass, but mass, as the Theory of General Relativity states. Just because something has mass doesn't mean it'd be difficult to walk around. You walk just fine in the air, yes? Air has mass too and it's all around you. Super simplification, of course. But that's also largely how solar wind operates.

And no, red light wouldn't prevent seeing infrared. Infrared goes from about 700nm (which is red) to 1,000,000nm wavelengths (way outside visible spectrum)

If the sun were to suddenly change to give out only red light, it would definitely make things difficult. Like was said earlier in the comments, Photosynthesis would have a great bit of difficulty. Though Reuben is wrong that photosynthesis only works with a type of blue light. That's simply incorrect. It's typically most efficient in the green/blue spectrum, but still works throughout most of the visible spectrum.
Give life several million years, and it will likely evolve and adapt within it just fine. There are other EM spectrums creatures use including Infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths today already. Not unreasonable to think there could certainly be other ways to see t he world around you.
Posted by reubencpiplupyay 2 years ago
We'd all die with red light. Photosynthesis only works with a type of blue light.
Posted by Hellofthemind 2 years ago
I don't think this guy knows that sunlight is red. It's all colours of the spectrum. But yes if light was totally or even more red than other colours, we would have many issues
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