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Would the United States be a better country under a socialist regime?

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Started: 2/24/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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-I disagree, I think the United States are wealthier and can achieve better standards of livings under a capitalism regime.


I want to begin by thanking the con for setting up this debate.

I believe that the United States would do better under a democratic socialist economic system. This does not mean a state socialist model of centralized state ownership with a command economy, but rather I mean a system of democratic ownership of enterprises in a market system.
Under the current capitalist system, we see a massive disparity between rich and poor. Despite the immense wealth that workers generate, they do not reap very much of that wealth in return. Approximately 20 people have as much wealth as the bottom 50% of Americans. The reason for this is because the wealth that is produced by workers is not controlled by workers themselves, but by business owners and investors. These people get to make all the decisions of about how the wealth generated is distributed. This allows them to keep as much of the wealth for themselves, and pay the workers as little as they are legally able to. The more money that is generated in profits, the more money these owners and executive are able to pocket, thus it is too their benefit to cut costs, and they do this by cutting workplace safety protections, employee benefits, environmental protections, send jobs overseas, etc.
Under a system of democratic ownership, the workers themselves would make these decisions and the wealth could be distributed more justly and the welfare of the workers and customers would be placed above profits. And this is a model that is already used all over the world. The most famous example of this is the Mondragon corporation in Spain.
Debate Round No. 1


For multiple reasons, I believe the United States are a wealthier and more effective country under capitalism. First of all, from your point of view, you said that you think socialism would help workers salaries. That claim is false. Based on basic economy, in a capitalist country that is operating a market economy, wages and salaries are equal to the productivity of workers. If you decide to raise the minimum wage, less hours of labor will be hired in the economy due to the fact that entrepreneurs will see that it is not worth it anymore to employ these workers at higher salaries. In addition, socialism favors more intervention of the state in the economy (in forms of tariffs, regulations, etc). Again, based on basic economic theory, these measures are counter-productive and are establish purely based on political motivations.
Our society as a whole benefits from capitalism a lot more than socialism.


The Con claims that wages and productivity are aligned under a capitalist system. This is blatantly false. Since 1974 there has been an ever-growing gap between wages and productivity, as shown by the EPI article below. This completely disproves the con's claim that capitalism will link wages to productivity.
The con then goes on to make claims about the minimum wage, however, under democratic socialism, there would not be a need for a minimum wage as the wage system would be abolished through the establishment of social ownership. The next claim is that socialism favors state intervention, however in my argument in round one I stated: "This does not mean a state socialist model of centralized state ownership with a command economy, but rather I mean a system of democratic ownership of enterprises in a market system."
The con does not actually address any of my arguments I made for socialism and has not made any more arguments defending capitalism nor has the con provided any sources supporting these claims.
As I have shown, capitalism has created vast inequalities and the solution to these inequalities is socialism which removes the source of the problem, that being the central control of wealth produced by business owners, rather than by the workers who produce the wealth.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by pinso99 3 years ago
A governement led by a socialist party. In this case, we could say that this governement would be led by the socialist leaders of the Democratic party (Warren and Sanders).
Posted by BrendanD19 3 years ago
Define Socialist Regime? Are we talking about a soviet style government or are we talking about a government led by a socialist party as the majority in congress and the senate and in the executive branch as well.
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