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Year-round education is not a good idea for student learning

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Started: 3/18/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Year-round education is not a good idea for student learning.

1)It prevents kids from doing after-school activites. Many studies have shown that after school activites help a student out iin many areas. "Many afterschool programs offer structured homework help. Homework can often cause friction between kids with learning and attention issues and their parents. So getting it done during the program can make everyone"s evening more pleasant and relaxing. " - https://www. Understood. Org/en/school-learning/tutors/afterschool-programs/benefits-afterschool-programs-kids-with-learning-attention-issues

This piece of evidance shows that, These activites release stress on a child, And if the child has the stress built up when they go to school, It could take a toll on their studies, Making them to poorly. By releasing stress, Students do well in their studies.

2) It does not help the school economically. When students are away in the summer, The school uses less electricity, Water etc. And can save up the money to put back into student's education. With the money taken away to pay the bills. It takes away istems that could have benefited the student in their overall learning experience. "The summer months are typically the highest ones for energy consumption. In fact, The average electricity bill for homeowners in the summer months goes up 4 to 8 percent. Having empty classrooms in the summer months means less money [for the school]" - https://www. Theedadvocate. Org/3-reasons-not-to-adopt-year-round-schooling/.

3) The final argument I present is that, It takes a hit on childrens health. "Some childhood development experts believe that particularly when it comes to younger students, Time off in the summer months is a vital component of healthy development. The argument follows that kids are not designed to spend so much of their time inside classroom walls and that the warmer, Pleasant weather of the summer provides a perfect opportunity to get outside and experience childhood".
https://www. Theedadvocate. Org/3-reasons-not-to-adopt-year-round-schooling/.

Year- round schools end school daily, Very late which means the student cannot go outside and play, Which could mean the child gets more unhealthy.

Thus, I affirm


Year-round education is a good idea for student learning.

1) Kids should only focus on normal education:
It's what kids need in daily life. Instead of after-school activities, Kids can just go to those activities during the weekend. If kids end up with a lot of extra time, They would more likely spend it on unnecessary stuff.

2) The gap between rich and poor:
Extra school doesn't cost extra money. Extra after school activities cost money because you have to pay more money. This is unfair because only the rich can afford after-school activities, And the poor can't. If everyone relied on after-school activities than the poor wouldn't be able to live a fair life. Con believes that we should try to close the gap between the rich and the poor.
According to https://www. Oecd-ilibrary. Org, "Inequality affects economies and societies, With growing evidence that excessive inequality may be bad for growth. "

3) School brings health:
Many schools have outdoor activities. Those outdoor activities help children release stress, Which is healthier for their body. When kids don't go to school, They would obviously stay at home. My opponent says that kids are not designed to spend much of their time inside walls, But that's exactly what home is. School actually forces kids to go outside, While at home no child can get forced to go outside.
According to http://www. Dailytexanonline. Com, "One way that students can reduce their stress is by spending more time outside. Nature has not only proven to be a stress reliever but also it has proven to make the brain function in a better and healthier way. As students, We can use all of the brainpower, Vitamins, And relaxation that we can get. Many students retreat to their rooms to play video games as a stress reliever, But they shouldn"t"

4) The pro's sources are wrong:
My opponent's evidence from Theedadvocate. Org is not reliable, Because that website also agrees on my side. Go check out https://www. Theedadvocate. Org/top-3-reasons-the-us-should-switch-to-year-round-schooling/. It also helps my side. This proves that theedadvocate. Org doesn't really believe in any side, So you should not consider any evidence that uses that website.
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Posted by kaithundt 3 years ago
I am a third grade teacher, Is a "typical" school calendar where students get a summer from early June to beginning of September. As much as I agree that summers off are fantastic, I see it first-hand each year that many students have done the "summer slide" and have either not made academic growth, Or have truly gone "backwards" in their learning. In many cases, It takes students just a couple of months to get back in the swing of things, That is if they are an average to above learning child. It's the children though, Who fall below grade level that continue to fall even more behind during those summer months.

Do I believe that summers off with your children, Time for extra camps and activities, Etc are important? Absolutely. But with a year-round school calendar, Many of those vacations are still built in, Without the large 3 month break where many of my students do not even have adult supervision, Let alone a meal on the table or a book in their hand. Something needs to change.
Posted by JimmyP 3 years ago
I like to spend time with my children and I agree that the educational system has its flaws, But you can't tell me that the rest of society is running any better. Running a year long school year or the traditional year is not what is going to fix the problem. Shortening or lengthening the school day adds more stressors to parents lives, Like what to do with their children after school. The daycare payment would fall on the parents where if your children were in school they would at least have the opportunity of learning and your child would be supervised for a fraction of the cost of daycare. Not to mention every child would receive a decent meal or two.
If you think the school school day needs to be half the length of time it is now then home school is always an option. My best friend's wife home schools all 7 of there children and my sister home schools all 8 of hers. Their children are highly motivated with strong self-esteems.
I also want to comment on some of the arguments made by the two in the debate. I am not sure what state either of you live in, But here in the mid-west the number of days required by students to attend does not change according to the type of school year. Both school years have the same number of school days. There are many different ways to run a year round school program. Days do not have to be longer. Summers are still there, But instead of having two and a half months off it is often one and a half months. Taking some of the summer days and placing those days during the school year is possibly beneficial. Holidays can be longer, Snow days can be built in, And times of the year where trends show that there are more fights at school, Time can be built into help with those situations.
As far as taking part of the summer away and affecting students health, I don't buy it. Using an assumption, Right or wrong, I would bet that during the hottest part of the summer, A very large number of students are indoors gaming.
Posted by Charlatte 3 years ago
Why only focus on normal education when you can focus on your passions? Trust me when I say that kids do get bored during the summer and want something to do. They might not pick learning but it would be better than sitting in a classroom for 6-8 hours learning some stupid things that won't be useful in adulthood. It's hot during the summer too and people want to be with friends/family. School already limits this enough. I am not completely against year-round schooling but if this is a possibility then do this, Make the week only 4 days, And make school days shorter by at least half of the hours. So 6 would cut down to 3, Seven would cut down to 3. 5, And 8 would cut down to 4. Also make sure the day starts later to prevent sleep-deprived students going to school so often throughout the year.
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
I'm okay with that idea.
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