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Started: 5/29/2016 Category: Entertainment
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This is meant to be a fun, light hearted debate. Whoever accepts will offer three silly topics (Ex: macaroni is better than spaghetti, we should all wear bowler hats, pokemon is better than yu-gi-oh, etc.) in their first round And I will choose the one I like best.

If all of the topics offered by con are offensive, overly serious, skewed, truistic or otherwise inaccessible, then I'll choose a different topic entirely.

There are no hard line rules, just don't be a dick. I reserve the right to expand on what that means as necessary, but hopefully I won't have to. Just be a decent human being, and let's have a fun round!


Con on all of these.

1: Cuckology isn't a real field of science.

2: Fedoras should be banned.

3: Salami ought not be Romania's national meat.
Debate Round No. 1


Fedoras should be banned

(This first round argument will be very short from me due to time constraints. I'll write something better tomorrow. Sorry!)


There is nothing inherently wrong with fedoras, in theory they are perfectly fine. They are a style of hat from a bygone era which certain subcultures decided to continue wearing. However the manner of use these subcultures decided to use this had is the reason they should be banned.

For clarification, I will be arguing that fedoras should be banned in a fashion sense. Not a legal sense. Wearing a fedora would have someone socially blacklisted, but they would not face any legal repercussions if they did choose to wear one.

Arg 1: Fedoras are a cultural signifier of toxic masculinity-
Masculinity and femininity are dichotomous gender characteristics which a person of any sex may experience, they are not inherently harmful or positive but they are a socially constructed concept. Toxic masculinity is the elevation of masculinity to it's logical extreme which perpetuates harmful sexist nonsense.

We have culturally linked fedoras with the likes of 'neckbeards', so that they are a rhetorical shortcut to 'The Friend Zone', the 'Men's Rights Movement' and other types of generally socially awkward behavior. I'm not saying it's okay to judge someone for something like being a 'neckbeard' as I fully believe that calling someone something like that is just another kind of bullying, but my beef isn't with neckbeards specifically, but rather the prior stated rhetorical shortcut.

One could be the kindest, most politically and socially nuanced person in the world, but those personal traits can't separate them from what a fedora stands for.

Arg 2: They are a lazy shortcut to class-
Wearing a fedora doesn't make one look any fancier or classier. I don't care what the material is, or who made it. I think the worst part about the resurgance of fedoras is it's use with otherwise casual attire. If one is wearing an old t-shirt, shorts and sandals, a fedora isn't going to make them look any more presentable. Unless you're avril lagign you're not going to wear a tie with a t-shirt, so why would we thing it's okay to wear a dress hat with casual clothes.

I have 40 seconds left, so I'll leave this here. Again, sorry for the short round, I'll have something better tomorrow!


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Any of y'all play CityInc?


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Yeah, so uh. Vote Pro.

Or something.

I want macaroni.


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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