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Started: 6/1/2016 Category: Entertainment
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This is meant to be a fun, light hearted debate. Whoever accepts will offer three silly topics (Ex: macaroni is better than spaghetti, we should all wear bowler hats, pokemon is better than yu-gi-oh, etc.) in their first round And I will choose the one I like best.

If all of the topics offered by con are offensive, overly serious, skewed, truistic or otherwise inaccessible, then I'll choose a different topic entirely.

There are no hard line rules, just don't be a dick. I reserve the right to expand on what that means as necessary, but hopefully I won't have to. Just be a decent human being, and let's have a fun round!


rock music is better than (you choose the music genre)
youtube is better than netflix
kanye would make a better president than donald trump
Debate Round No. 1


Youtube is better than Netflix


a. If I can show that Youtube is better than Netflix on a consumer level, then the vote in this debate deserves to go to the Pro. Con could show that Netflix is more profitable, but that has no impact on consumers such as me or you. Your vote should be reflect which platform is better for you personally
b. This debate should be voted on-balance. The debater who best presents the advantages of their platform deserves the vote. If both platforms are shown to be equal, no vote should be cast.

(1) Youtube has more content than netflix does-
It helps that youtube has been around longer, but by virtue of it's context Youtube simply has a lot more content than Netflix does. Users can join the site and upload whatever they wish, niche channels are created all the time to create content for people who want to view specific things. There are even full-length original series on youtube such as Strip Search[1], a reality show about hmiring an artist for Penny Arcade.

(2) Youtube is More Personal than Netflix-
As I noted before one of the great things about Youtube is that is is filled with content directly uploaded by creators. One can far more easily get in contact with a Youtuber they like than a director or star of a show or movie on Netflix. Creator content is even influenced by fans very often on Youtube, Netflix on the other hand is just an archive for content to be consumed on.

(3) Youtube is Free-
This argument is summed up in the tagline, but the impact is that since Youtube is a free website, it is far more accessible than Netflix is. Accessibility is critically important for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) community building, the spread of ideas and cultural inclusion. The internet is an amazing tool, one which allows us to access all kinds of information, and while it may be tempting to scoff at some of the information shared such as memes or webgames, those things are essential in shaping how we view the world around us. Netflix may not be all that expensive to purchase a membership, but it is still a price outside of many people's budgets.

(4) Cultural Inclusion-
Free online platforms which do not more highly reward those who pay than those who do help to maintain a better internet for everyone. One incredible thing about the internet is that it allows marginalized people to create safe spaces for themselves and others like them. Many of you reading may also be able to identify a point in time where you found solace and a sense of community someplace online. This is partially an extension of argument 3, but Youtube being free helps ensure that it remains a safe space for people to be included and to belong to.

Variety, person-ability, price and community are all reasons to consider Youtube better than Netflix. Vote Pro in this debate.


leftwingandproud forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


leftwingandproud forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


This debate is a full forfeit from Con. Vote Pro.


leftwingandproud forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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