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Started: 6/3/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is meant to be a fun, light hearted debate. Whoever accepts will offer three silly topics (Ex: macaroni is better than spaghetti, we should all wear bowler hats, pokemon is better than yu-gi-oh, etc.) in their first round And I will choose the one I like best.

If all of the topics offered by con are offensive, overly serious, skewed, truistic or otherwise inaccessible, then I'll choose a different topic entirely.

There are no hard line rules, just don't be a dick. I reserve the right to expand on what that means as necessary, but hopefully I won't have to. Just be a decent human being, and let's have a fun round!


Sounds like fun! Here are some extremely thought provoking questions I thought of:

1) Should International Waffle Day (March 25) should be a federally recognised and celebrated holiday?

2) Is TF2 is the best team based shooter?

3) Should the Polls section of DDO exist (seriously, who ever uses it?)?

4) Which is taller, a very short giant or a very tall dwarf?

5) Do you know the Muffin Man?

Choose, my friend.
Debate Round No. 1


International Waffle Day should be a federally recognized holiday?


Yes it should

1) Tastiness deserves to be a nationally sanctified-
Who doesn't remember going to waffle house at 2am to eat because nowhere else was open where you could sit down? It's a magical experience, wolfing down that tennis-racket looking goodness. If you're staying at a Hotel in the great state of Texas, the waffles even come in the shape of the state! It's not even an option thing where you *can* get them in that shape, the griddle is shaped like Texas. Why isn't this something we should recognize on a federal level?

2) It would unite a divided legislature-
In order to become a federally recognized holiday, a piece of legislation would have to pass through both the house and Senate. Particularly during an election season, this would be non-contentious and provide a much-needed sense of unity to help restore the US population's faith in government.

3) Waffles are fun, and wildly underrated-
While Eggo had it's heyday back in the day, we don't really give the waffle the proper credit it deserves today. If we were to federally recognize national waffle day, Eggo would be primed to come back into the spotlight swinging. That would mean we would see the return of Eggo's hilarious marketing team
b) If Eggo would come back to prominence the way it was in the late 90s and Early 2000s, it would pave the way for other snacks that got left behind.

Waffles are the bomb dot com, and there is absolutely no reason not to affirm. Federally recognizing National Waffle day would be good for our taste buds, government and soul.


David_Debates forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm just going to extend in this round to give Con the chance to respond.


Thank you, Pro. Sorry that I ran out of time, this was the argument I was going to post.

First, a rebuttal of Pro's 3 points.

1) Tastiness deserves to be a nationally sanctified
I agree. However, your evidence for this is off topic, as it goes to
a) Nostalgia, as evident by your stating "Who doesn't remember..." and
b) Shapes of waffles (They can be shaped like Texas).
Neither of these points goes to waffles "tastiness," they go to memories and shapes. Also, if waffles have "tastiness," what does that entail? What makes something tasty? You need to define your terms.

2) It would unite a divided legislature.
As would any bill. We could make a federally recognized holiday for pancakes, for sour patch kids, or literary any other food or candy. This point doesn't show how waffles should be federally recognized, it shows how we should have the house and Senate pass a non-contentious bill.

3) Waffles are fun, and wildly underrated
You are doing the same as with your first point. Your evidence is off topic. You show how
a) Eggo is good brand and deserves to make profit, and
b) Other snacks would make a comeback.
This does not show how
a) Waffles are fun, and
b) Waffles are wildly underrated.

Now, my constructive.


Federally recognizing Waffle Day (March 25) would necessarily discriminate against other breakfast foods. If we are to give attention to a specific food, we take away attention from other foods. Breakfast discrimination (referred to as breakfastism) leads to deterioration, not celebration.

1) The Pancake's feelings would be hurt.
We all know that the pancake is a delicate, sensitive food. It's fluffy, happy, and quite delicious. However, discriminating against it with a holiday for the main opponent of pancakes, waffles, would destroy its spirit. The pancake may resort to a life of crime, stealing maple syrup, sleeping in the dumpsters. The pancake would be unappreciated and unhappy. It's true, Eggo would destroy his Ego.

2) Cereal would lose its value.
People value cereal. As a breakfast food, as a quick lunch, or even dinner. But does this influential powerhouse of a food get a holiday? No. The cereal industry makes a lot of income and gives a lot of jobs to American citizens. But, in the wake of the waffle crisis, cereal would no longer be as viable a candidate for breakfast.

It's clear that breakfastism leads to unappreciated breakfast foods and a drop in economic gain from the unappreciated breakfast foods. If the government chooses waffles, it shuns away pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, and countless other breakfast choices.

For these reasons, vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3


AribtraryMoniker forfeited this round.


David_Debates forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
No! I missed my deadline to post! So sorry about that, do you mind extending your arguments so I can post mine next round?
Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
As am I! They are quite thought provoking, are they not? :)
Posted by AribtraryMoniker 2 years ago
Yaaaaaaas. Oh, I'm excited about this debate. These are all amazing topics.
Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
Oh, and one more:

6) Is vi_spex a spectacular debater?
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