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You have to be more undatable than me!

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Started: 12/6/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Basically, you have to pretend to be this very undateable man/woman. The one who is the most undateable wins. For example "I love to sniff peoples feet as I have a foot fetish. The smellier the foot the better." Let the game begin!


YeeHaw! Hello sir...My name is Tayaykajanaba x3x3 and i should ain't be yo date, imma give me some reasons

1)I have every STD known to mankind. AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Herpes. You name it I have it. That is why my face is so red because of my herpes

2)I ain't got a penny bruh, I just leave n steal and I'll blame it on you too.

3) I lick my dog and bird's p***s's . It's because I like giving them that to. I also sexually reproduce with them as well. i guess imma a criminal

4) Imma serial killer as well. I killed 9697869 people in my time and I hid them all in your trunk so you can be blamed'

5)I smoke cigars so much I ain't got lungs. Sometimes i take the cigars and play with myself

6) My IQ is 1 and my GPA is a 1.0

7)I got fired as a drug dealer because I was too stupid

8) I stick french fries in my butt

9) All my teeth are black n green because I don't own a toothbrush

10) Im flatter than any 4th grade girl. Flat as a d**n pancake

11)My breathe smells like smoke and liquid a**

12)I am a jake paul and a logan paul fan
Debate Round No. 1


One thing I am proud of, is my smegma! I never wash inside or outside the foreskin. I like to call it "harvesting d*** cheese." Basically, I thought a woman would be turned on by this. So I paid a prostitute 1 grand to give my a bl** j**! However, when she pulled my trousers down and boxers, she said "WTF is that smell? What is that disgusting thing?" Then she puked all over the floor and ran out screaming. Next thing I know, she runs to the 30th floor and jumps out the window head first and commits suicide. So I ask myself, surely there must be some ladies out there who find men with "d*** cheese" irresistible? HAHAHAHAHA I just peed myself a little when I said that because I find it hilarious. HAHAAHA Oops I just pooped. HAHAHA Thats from laughing so hard. Poopey all down my trousers and smells like s***! HAHAHAHAHA
So hobbies. Lets talk about my hobbies. I enjoy shooting birds and squirrels. I love the sound of a bird falling from 50 feet and hitting the ground with an explosion to its death! It makes me laugh my gluteus maximus off! HAHAHAHA. I am the superior one. You animals are all insuperior to me. And yes, insuperior isn't a word, inferior is. If you cannot accept I invented the word insuperior, then you don't deserve to date someone like me. So go f*** yourself.
Another hobbie of mine is throwing eggs at windows of passing cars in hopes of them not being able to see and crashing in the process!
My ideal place for a date - Somewhere in the middle of the woods, away from everyone and everything.
My ideal date - A woman who loves d*** cheese.


yeehaw i guess we're back here

ehh forget about that dick cheese bruh. i eat all that gonorrhea semen when i masturbate. i take my finger in the foreskin lick it all up. yeehaw. it is my only nutrition because i am broke as mug on a sunday morning yeehaw

i dont get ladies because i have green j**z on my lips everywhere i got out ans scream gonorrhea is my idol yeehaw. i c*m to jake faul and furry p**n as well and it gets yellow and green too yeehaw. i only saw yeehaw after every sentence yeehaw yeehaw. i aslo can't speel becuse i'm dum as shet so i ayn't yousin otocorekt for da first tym yeehaw.

i was as the top of the sears tower once and i saw someone there once. i said hi and when they looked at me there eyes burned and they jump off the 110th floor YEEEHAWWW!

i pee blood and poop diarrhea because that is what people call me yee haw.

i did i tell you every time i say yeehaw vomit comes out of my mouth...yeehaw.

i also got some hobbies as well. my goal is life is to give every life form a form of STD which i have all of them by the way. i ate a bison and i sucked it's d**k and it died. i have fu*ked every type of animal in america yeehaw. i also shoot humans and r**e them and give them a STD with my gonorrhea yeehaw.

my idle date spot is one of those s*x dungeons in germany where you f**k someone in a box yee haw.

my idle lady is someone that what's gonorrhea yeehaw.

my favorite food is bull pe*is yee haw.

my favorite youtube is jake paul yee haw.

my favorite video game is ROBLOX AND MINECRAFT YEEHAW.

my fetish is eating gonorrhea yeehaw
Debate Round No. 2


I like to pick dog s*** up and eat it. Every time I go on holiday I have to go by train, because on a plane everyone jumped out at 30, 000 feet to commit suicide because the smell of me was so bad. I smell bad because I have never had a shower and find the smell of sh*t lovely and constantly s*** myself cause I'm too lazy to go to the toilet. I always find farms to go in skips full of horse s***, and I roll around in it, and eat it. Its so delicious. I must admit though, your are not undateable. Because you are so dirty and disgusting, some women find that a big turn on. I also have erectile dysfunction and my p**** is always small, floppy and soft. I can't get an erection. I have an infected p**** and mouth too, and smelly green and yellow puss leaks from them constantly.
You've heard of my smegma? If you think d*** cheese is bad, then wait till you hear this. I have IBS, and sh*t liquid out 5 times a day and I never even clean my a**. I'm too lazy. People call me "the *shi* demon from hell" because I smell so bad and people run away. I can't go shopping because everywhere I go people vomit because of the smell. One time I decided to steal from a shop because I couldn't buy anything from fear of approaching the shop keeper. I stole from the shop and a police officer approached me to arrest me. He got a whiff and said "WHATS THAT SMELL. AHHH NNNOOOO" and he decided to shoot himself in the head.
Anyway, anyone want a date with me?


yeehaw yeehaw i'd love to date you because smegma ain't that dangerous to me yeehaw

however herpes and aids are to you because i have all the STD's yee haw. i could be a lab tester but my iq is -10. yeehaw

bah you made someone kill themselves off a plane. forget it. i made isis chop their head off when they tried to kill me and one time i made lindsay lohan call me disgusting. even the worlds most happiest man got sad and committed suicide when he saw.

when i robbed a bank once i was easily caught but then when the fbi and swat came they shot themselves as well

when trump saw me he built the wall over me too so yeehaw


dis is haw i rite wif owt otocurract. cee. i can't spehl four shet

yea so i am pretty much undatable
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
@SupaDudz can you vote for me in this debate:
Posted by philochristos 2 years ago
I wouldn't even have to pretend, and I could dominate this debate.
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