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Your account is a troll account. Prove me wrong.

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Started: 3/24/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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From the accounts name (very jackfilms-esque) as well as your comment on the lgbtq+ poll: "God no, transgenders should be given help, as most have gender dysphoria, and gays are NOT normal," not to mention the profile picture and the only profile settings changed where those to say you support Donald Trump and are a conservative, I have been lead to believe that this account (from an 18 year old no less) is purely a troll account created for the lols. I have nothing against that, and nothing against you expressing those views if they are believed by you in earnest. This debate is not to challenge those beliefs, however if this account is proven to be real (how this can be done I will state later) then those debate requests shall be forthcoming!

So, if this debate is accepted, I would simply like for you to state how it is you have founded your political beliefs, why you support Donald Trump (again no judgement, just looking to see if it is sincere), and your opinion on those within the lgbtq+ community and what it is you find so not normal about "gays".

I will not be challenging these beliefs (yet), and simply challenging that you do in fact hold them.

(And seriously bro, if this is a troll I really am not worth your time in attempting to troll, I'm a super chill dude and you've got nothing to prove so if you are trolling, you can carry on your merry way, just want to see if that is in fact the case. If it's a troll concede, or if you are legit and can't be bothered, a simple comment of "can't be bothered" might suffice, but then again that might be exactly what a troll would say....)


First off, I will clarify that I am not a troll account. You also said that my only account settings were that I liked Trump and was a Conservative, yes, I am both, and the only reason others have not been changed is because I have not gotten to them yet, this account is new. And no, I do not hate gays or anyone in the LGBT community. Although I do stand by my statement that they should be given help (I will state evidence in the next round.) and I will admit that I was a bit rash in saying being gay was not normal. But no, I am no troll.
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