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Your marks and grades are not the only measures of your intellect

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Started: 11/14/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Your marks and grades are just measures of your understanding on what you grasp when in school. But when it comes to your intellect it may vary. Marks and grades is one way to measure a person"s intellect if his aptitude lies there. But some people may be horrible in school work yet be extremely brilliant at computer hacking or game such as chess football etc. Examples are countless; let us start with the great Sachin Tendulkar who was a 10th dropout himself as he was busy with the India Pakistan series. But let us not dwell on examples for now. Just imagine you are a miracle when it comes to the art of computer hacking but when it comes to your grades you are not up to the mark. But in some rare cases people have been praised due to their report card showing a high score but personally he must have memorized the material instead of understanding the concepts which is the basic idea of education to apply what you learn in your everyday life although your understanding may not result in good grades it may help I your future life. Therefore my friends I would like to conclude myself by saying that this system of underestimating a child or overestimating a child by looking into his marks & grades is just wrong or i believe so


I accept this challenge. Good luck to my opponent. Also I'm on mobile at the time of writing this, so forgive me if my formatting comes out horrible lol. But now, onto the topic.

What you mentioned is a common fallacy. Your idea sounds great in words but it does not work practically. Yes, there are amazing people who are great at computer hacking, sports, and more, but these kinds of people are rare. There are geniuses who dropped out of school to pursue their dreams, and they were successful because they were geniuses who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. However, the general populace is not full of geniuses. It is full of average people, and that is why we have school, to equip the average people with the knowledge and skill they need to build this nation.

The purpose of school is to give you a base, so you can learn other things. Intelligence comes in many different forms. You are saying that marks don't affect intellect, but you go on to prove that by using geniuses as an example, which doesn't work because schools are built for the general populace, and the average person is not a genius.

School has opened up your mind to other forms of intellect. You mentioned chess, it would be very hard to learn chess if you are not literate. You also mentioned computer hacking. A computer hacker does not know how much of a good computer hacker he is until he actually learns about computers. If he goes to school he can take a programming course, and discover his hidden talent. Marks do affect your intellect. They show how much effort you have put into a given subject, and how well you did.

Thanks and good luck.
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