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Zoos are Harmful

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Started: 10/18/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Lots of people these days think zoos are harmful. The thing that they don"t realise is how much zoos have helped animals over the years. From breeding animals to protecting them from the dangers of the world, I don"t know how much zoos have contributed to the animal society in the past decade.

I have three arguments.

1)Zoos Help Breed Animals
2)Zoos Protect Animals from the Dangers of the World
3)Animals Live Longer in the Zoo than in the Wild


First off yes zoos might be helping those animals but they also have them domesticated and constantly gawked at it

- is not our job to play god if an animal dies it dies its the circle of life
- they would not have to "save" these animals if humans weren't destroying their homes and killing them off
- zoos are a dangerous place let the record show that many people have been injured or killed because of accidents in zoos
- when you go to the zoo you pay, Correct? So basically these poor little animals who are supposedly being saved are actually being used for profit.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to KMS2003 for being my opponent in this debate. I greatly appreciate it. If you have any inquiries please ask me.

In my opening statement I said I would have 3 main arguments. Just in case you have forgotten they are:
1)Zoos help breed animals
2)Zoos protect animals from the dangers of the wild
3)Animals live longer in zoos

First off, Do you know how many endangered species like the pandas die each year? If it wasn"t for zoos, I bet most of them would have died out already. We need zoos to be able to perform acts like this to help animals. If we banned zoos completely, Endangered animals would die out completely. Is that what you really want?


KMS2003 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My first argument has gone unchallenged. I will be writing two of my points for round 3.

I wish to address these points today:

1)Zoos Protect Animals From the Dangers of the Wild

2)Animals Live Longer in the Zoo than in the Wild

There are many dangers in the wild, Especially if you are not on top of the food chain. From predators to prey, There are more dangers in the wild than you think. That"s where zoos come in. Zoos protect animals from the dangers of the wild, From extreme weather conditions to predators trying to hunt them down, If the animal is in a zoo, They are very unlikely to die.

As studies from BBC Wildlife has shown, About 80 percent of animals live longer in the zoo than in the wild. The study shows that animals are more likely to thrive in the zoo than in their wild counterparts. We shouldn"t describe animals being in the zoo as "being in captivity", Because that"s not what zoos are. Animals not only live longer in zoos, They develop better and are more likely to flourish.

If my arguments go unchallenged again, I will thank you now for participating in this debate.


this was supposed to be an argument but you are just stating the same things just worded differently. I understand that in the wild they are in danger but we as humans everyday live in fear for our lives; anything could happen but do you see us taken care of in sanctuaries. It is apart of life. How will they learn to hunt and to be an actual animal if they are cooped up in one specific area prohibited to go anywhere else and constantly stared at. I'm sure they live a lot longer in zoos but for the sake of religion
"god " is the one who decides whether they live or die not us and if you happen to have different beliefs then think about it this way, Why are we wasting money and space for animals who don't benefit us? They just waste time and opportunities. They don't get to go out and see the world they get to be stuck in one room gazing at the same scenery until they parish now what kind of life is that eh?
A wild animal is an animal is, Well, Wild. This means that it isn't tame and it lives on its own without any help from people. Who are we to take them out of their homes and domesticate them and put them on display like some sort of trophy we won. Zoos are just completely wrong in general i hope i gave you an entertaining or rather satisfying argument i'm not that passionate about this because there are bigger problems in this world however it is something that needs to stop
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Block19 3 years ago
zoos are a great way to both study animals, Expose people to them, And generate revenue that can be used for further conservation efforts.
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