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Zoos are good

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Started: 3/25/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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When you go to a zoo you see the animals and think wow their awesome but have you heard of zoochosis it's a mental disease ripping through zoos its like depression causing animals to spend time bobbing heads or pacing take orcas at sea world do you think chlorine and tiny living places are good for them NO also shipping animals like their not even alive is sick their alive and have a conscious


I would like to thank my opponent for bringing this topic to light, as it is hardly considered, but still relevant. I have been to many zoo's in my lifetime, Including the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari, Sacramento Zoo, and Sea World, so I have relevant experience in this topic. Anyways, to my argument and rebuttals.

Zoos are institution where, traditionally, animals are kept for people to see them and be entertained by exotic animals that they would never see unless they traveled to the animal's natural habitat. However, zoos have changed in recent years, by putting focus on treating the animals humanely and conserving them from extinction. We can admit that humans have lead to the destruction of some natural habitats through expansion and creation of new cities. No matter how much we may resent this, it will continue to occur, as humans have a natural tendency to expand and grow in populace. Zoos can help with this problem by allowing members of a species to be retained and kept in controlled conditions where they can breed and survive. This wont stop habitat destruction, but can prevent some of the destructive effects of it.

Also, Zoos are not as cruel to the animals as you think. Animals may be kept in small places, with no chance to roam free, but these animals would have a harder time surviving in the wild. In the wild, they would have to hunt or avoid being hunted to survive, all whilst enduring harsh climates, habitat destruction, food shortages, natural catastrophes, dependent population crashes, and the uncertainty of being able to survive. Animals in captivity can live a comfortable life, where they are given playmates, spouses, toys, adequate food, and shelter. Families of animals can still live together in zoos, while in the wild, families can be separated easily. Animals kept in captivity will likely be safe from threats they will have to live with in the wild.

And now to refute my opponents arguments. My opponent says that zoochosis is a rising issues in zoos where animals act unnaturally from being kept in captivity. However, I can say that after reading up on it, I haven't seen any examples of zoochosis in all the times I visited several different zoos. Also, the zoochotic behavior can be prevented by zookeepers giving animals things to do in their exhibits, such as toys, other animals, and mental/physical exercises. My opponent also states that Orcas should be kept in the ocean, not small enclosures. Yet, when I went to sea world, I was amazed at how large the holding tank was for the orcas, and how friendly they where towards their trainer. The orcas also interacted with dolphins in one of the shows, which demonstrates that animals can interact with other species at zoos. Finally, my opponent says that animals are transferred inhumanely to zoos, but gives no evidence. I was willing to except the other portions of their argument, as I could find some support for both sides of those issues, but not for this one.

I would again like to thank my opponent for bring up this topic, and hope that they respond to my argument.

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Posted by MakeDebatingGreatAgain 3 years ago
40 mins, please respond!
Posted by MakeDebatingGreatAgain 3 years ago
Please respond and post an argument, as I don't want this debate to be a waste of my time. Ther is only 3 hours left!
Posted by MakeDebatingGreatAgain 3 years ago
Please don't forfeit this debate, I want to gain voter status...
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