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abortion should be banned

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Started: 11/15/2013 Category: Health
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abortion should be banned as if it is made legal, premature sex will be more common as they now feel that having sex without wearing contraception will be ok as they can do abortion legally and as many time as they want.
come on, accept my challenge.


I accept your debate challenge, good sir.

The proportion of people having sex without contraception will not necessarily be high just because there is abortion available. The knowledge that there is abortion available does not change that, and there is not quantifiable evidence to support that they would.

Alongside this, I present the topic you likely expected to see made when you made the debate; if a person is made pregnant due to being raped and is too young to properly support the child in any way, should that person be forced to live with the baby anyway, possibly ruining that person's life as well as the baby's childhood?
Debate Round No. 1


i agree to that last question but the problem is that the number of premature sex is more than the number of women being raped. i think the child of the poor woman who was raped is now the government's responsibility. in fact, nowadays, rapist and other people will not use contraception so that they can feel 'true' pleasure. rapist will force the victim to take abortion pill after raping her so that the victim have no physical evidence that he did rape her.


Initially, premature sex does not have much to do with abortion; premature sex would mainly be the issue of whether sexual education should be given out at young ages to teach children about that sort of thing. Even then, it doesn't pose that much of a difference. Premature sex will likely not change at all if abortion is legal; it won't do much difference as children who aren't older than the age limitations will likely not have any idea of that sort of thing anyway, nor would they care if they were aware.

As for your other part, how often do you see premature sex shown in the media? Granted, the media isn't the most reliable source as often it depends on which form of news media as well as the fact that it can be biased and ignore certain news in favour of others, but you see rape a lot more than premature sex; you also hear about it more. Rape is a huge problem in society, and premature sex? That isn't a very common issue at all.

That last sentence... what exactly are you basing that off? Out of all the rape cases I've read about, I have never seen one where a rapist forces the victim to take an abortion pill. But, let's assume that is the case. Will every single rapist (and judging by the rape culture that we are hopefully fighting, there's quite a few rapists) force their victim to take an abortion pill? Children WOULD be born, and a lot of children, at that. And to say that the government would take the baby off the woman after she has it is essentially victim blaming, in a sense. You're saying that rather than teach the rapist not to rape, you would rather force the woman through childbirth, painful labour (and if your premature arguments are worth anything, extremely painful labour as the undeveloped children that DO have sex will have to give birth using their own bodies, of which all would not be ready for such a streinuous effort as childbirth) and force them to then hand the baby over to the government and move on?

I could say more, but my time is cut short as I have to go to class. I look forward to seeing your retaliating argument, however.
Debate Round No. 2


I rest my case. Frankly, i totally agree with what you said. Even i know that what i said previously was false. The topic that i made was my first, i just wanted to know how this whole debate thing work. This time it's your win. I'm looking forward to argue with you again with a better topic that's to both of our interest.


Thank you, and no worries. I hope you enjoy your future debates here, and learn a lot from them!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TetsuRiken 5 years ago
J-Dawg bitchin augment.
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Reasons for voting decision: S&G should hopefully be obvious. As to arguments: Well, Pro conceded. But even without that, Pro never really provided a solid case against abortion that wasn't simple assertion. Con rebutted everything presented. Sourcing was equal. Conduct was equal, and I commend Pro for respectfully conceding. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.