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Started: 12/9/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Should we really be forcing women who aren't ready to be a mother?


There are plenty of reasons I disagree with your stance, but since this is your debate topic and your rules, you go first.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay. I would like to begin with a theory of mine linking abortion to welfare and other government programs. If you begin to make it more difficult or impossible for unwed teenage mothers and other women who aren't ready to become a mother to receive an abortion, the government will be forced to put all of these women on welfare, food stamps, etc. This means that it will be much easier for people to live off Welfare and not get off their couch and get a job, since it will become so commonly used. On top of the financial assistance that will be required, more government programs such as therapy for both the mother and the child, and other programs will need to remain in place. And where is the government going to get all all of the money to expand these programs and possibly add more? Your pocket. That's where the government gets all of it's money to help the public. They tax you. Which means that you will be paying for the mother and child to receive what they will need. Unemployment will likely go up, since unwed teenage mothers would be forced to drop out of school. These mothers would likely have no credentials, degrees, or experience, making it extremely difficult for them to get a decent job to support even the child's basic needs.

On top of the excessive, government spending on these mothers, the amount of psychological damage a parent can do to an unwanted child is significant. One study that was done back in 1988-2013 in Sweden, compared 120 unwanted children to 120 planned children of the same sex as they grew up.

At age 9, the unwanted children were often disobedient, stubborn, and bad tempered. They were doing worse academically than the planned kids. This is due to the constant negative attention thrown at the child by the mother, since she is likely convinced that the unplanned pregnancy ruined her life.

By age 14, the unwanted children's IQ scores dropped extremely low. Some were below 86. School performance was worse, and most were not planning to attend college.

By age 16, The unwanted children were reluctant to go to school at all, and wanted to leave home as soon as possible. Relationships with their teachers were extremely poor, and they had trouble maintaining friendships with fellow classmates.

By age 23, the unplanned kids proved to have more social problems and were more likely to be or already were involved in criminal activity. They were likely in psychiatric treatment and had a tougher time coping with stress. When asked about their happiness and life-style they showed far more dissatisfaction and unhappiness. They agreed with the statement, "Love brings more trouble than pleasure." The unwanted kids often grow up to be negative and depressed people, due to the psychological abuse done to them by their single mother or unhappily married parents.

These studies prove that women who were denied an abortion were clearly not ready to take on the challenge of becoming a mother. They were looking for an abortion for that particular reason. They were not ready. When you force a pregnant woman to have the baby she does not want, the child often grows up feeling unwanted and insignificant. At adulthood, the unwanted child will likely not contribute to society in any way. They will likely become yet another lazy person, on Welfare, sitting on their couch and watching TV. Some even become convicted felons, who go to jail at your expense.

Just to think, that all of this psychological damage to the child, stress on the mother, and excessive government spending could've been easily prevented with an abortion.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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