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Started: 1/11/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Abortion should not be legal in any circumstance. several means of preventative tools have been manufactured. There are even steps that you can take after unplanned conception. The woman has a choice over her body, but to a certain degree. no more than 8 weeks after fertilization, the fetus starts to react to touch. no more than 20 weeks, the fetus develops nerves.the fetus responds to pain. the fetus is being killed because of what an inconvenience parenthood would be for the mother. statistics show that The majority of women have an abortion because they "arent ready". abortion is killing. no single person gets to decide if one lives or dies- born, or unborn.


Abortion is a process in which an unwanted fetus is terminated. Whether the pregnancy was caused by foolishness, malfunctions in reproductive prevention, or something severe such as rape, it is always the woman's choice on what she gets to do with her body. If the two people were using a means of contraception or birth control that did not work, they clearly were already trying to prevent this from happening, and should not be punished by being forced to carry the baby. A fetus and a lifetime of commitment is never a punishment for sex, ever. Plan B is in fact a good idea to use in case of an accident, but it can only be consumed a few times before deeming you infertile. With thousands and thousands of children in adoption and foster care facilities, it is an unfair option to try and force adoption as an excuse to carry a child. If a woman comes to the difficult and emotionally straining decision to terminate a fetus hardly the size of half of a fist, you must believe that is in her and the baby's best interest. If they are unfit to become parents or would birth a child into an unhealthy environment it is inhumane to force a woman to waste the gift of life if it would only harm the future child.
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Posted by suyu 1 year ago
In the Round 1, Jules who is against the abortion focuses on Pathos-the emotional appeals of readers. She talks about the "fetus develops nerves" and "the fetus responds to pain", so it appeals the sympathy of the readers to fetus. One fallacy is that she wrote "the majority of women", which is the fallacy of ad populum - appeal to popularity. And the opposite side who is for the abortion, appealing to the Logos-the use of reasons and logic to persuade audience. She talks about the woman's rights. I think both of them are really effective by the use of Pathos and Logos.
Posted by BobTheRocket2 1 year ago
"My body, my choice" is a very selfish statement.
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