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are communication skill , computer familiarity and personal initiatives the gratest needs of young

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Started: 10/11/2016 Category: Education
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Yes these are the basic and greatest need of young people . because nothing lies beside it without it every one is just like a handicraft . IF it can be than explain with example.If any one.


I'll rebut, as is my burden as Con. By the way, just for clarification, it's your burden to prove they are the greatest need, and mine is to show they are not the greatest need of young people.

1) Communication Skill

There have been many geniuses that were completely inept at social interaction. As a matter of fact, most metaphyisists, chemists, even my own dad were extreme introverts (1). One of them is the richest man alive, in fact.
By the way, can you give me a definition for communication skill? I assume you mean social interaction.

2) Computer Familiarty

Allow me to take you back.
100 years ago, the most demanded engine was the steam engine. 25 years later, it was the gas engine. 50 years later, it was nuclear energy. Now, it is sustainable energy. This ought to put technological advances into perspective. I don't know if computer familiarity will even be nessesary for the young at the rate we're going, with computers eventually being able to program themselves now without human interaction (2).

3) Personal Initiatives

There are those who teach themselves. There are those who motivate themselves. There are those who work by themselves.
These people are in the slim minority (I happen to be in that minority, but that's irrelevant). Most people crave to work in a team, to follow others footsteps. To help others to them is their purpose.
They let others give them initiatives. That's how they function.

Just 3 counterexamples.

1) The ability to learn

Without the ability to learn, we'd effectively be children, unable to progress forward. Instruction, either by self or through a mentor, is potentialy the most important of all virtues. We never stop learning.

2) The ability to think rationaly

If we don't think, we are instintual creatures. If we don't think, we through out government, teaching, all progress we've made so far. Logic and reason brought us out of a dismal, dark age, and without the ability to think rationaly, we'd plunge back into it without skipping a beat.

3) The ability to believe

Without belief in a purpose, we'd stop. Without belief in a reason, we'd give up. Without belief in ourselves, we'd surrender. It's belief that keeps us going, that keeps us alive. The beautiful thing is we don't know if what we believe is true, but we believe it anyway. And that's what gives us purpose. That's what gives us thought, love. A reason to live.

I await Pro's response.

Debate Round No. 1


In this digital age there are more opportunities for more importance is given to computer
based skills. All the industries are moving towards technology oriented business process. So
the young people are moved to equip themselves with multiple skills.
Among the multiple skills that are required in today"s market, some of the very essential
skillset sought after the young people are the personal initiative, communication skills and
familiarity with computers.

Computer familiarity
Computers have become the life line of today"s high- tech world. There is no work, in our
whole day, for which we are not dependent on computers or the technology products. The use
of computers has overpowered our life and we have got addicted to computers to a great
extent. Learning the basics of computers is highly important for the students to excel in their
respective fields. Almost all the industries and their process have been computerized.
Any student whatever may be his specialization need to use computer for his day to day job
activities. Like soft skills computer familiarity has become some of the basic need for any job
seeker irrespective of his field. To excel in one"s activity and to achieve greater career growth
computer skill set is very important. Not only in our job activities, but also Computers have
entered in our social world which interconnects us through technology .Wherever we look at
computer and technology have become a basic need for every person.
Communication skills
Communication has been prevalent since the beginning of mankind and had played a
significant role. It plays a vital role in every aspects of life. It comes right after the demand of
quality education. It is the ability to put across our thoughts and ideas to others in a clear
manner. People who have high Emotional Quotient have greater communication skills. To
achieve happiness in life communication skills plays an essential part. It helps a person to
have a satisfying relationship with other people. It is very conducive to a person"s health both
physically and emotionally. A person with average IQ and high communication skills succeeds
in life much better than a person otherwise. Though it is an inborn trait, people can be trained
to improve their communication. In today"s world communication goes hand in hand with
specialization in technology for success in life. Many of our great leaders such as Kamaraj,
Annadurai have a great prominence in life by their great communication skills even though
they are not very highly educated. People who are well educated and also had great
communication skills reached their zenith in life. For example our former presidents such as
Dr. Radhakrishnan and Dr. Abdul Kalam who started their career as teachers" achieved greater
heights and where known worldwide. One of the religious leader Swami Vivekananda was well
known all over the world for his famous speech in Chicago. He addressed them as "Brothers
and Sisters". The Americans were very much impressed by his speech and many of them
revered for his deep knowledge on spirituality.
Personal initiative
Initiative is doing the right thing without being told."" Victor Hugo, French writer
For any person to succeed in life, the first step is personal initiative. It is the personality trait
that enables a person to direct his actions on his own towards achieving his goal. It is an
essential trait that forms the fundamental cause that inspires him to achieve inner directed
External rewards like grades, winning awards, and money are not the sources of personal
initiation. Such an Initiative is developed only through internal rewards, like creativity, dignity,
autonomy, making a difference for others and activities that help youth to create their own
Let me tell you an incident that happened in real life. The recent flood in Chennai affected
almost all the communication channels. A leading company was under tremendous pressure
to deliver a project on a tight schedule. It was one of their critical projects with a major client
affecting business in millions of dollars. The team members took the responsibility to stay
behind in the office and worked through odd hours to deliver the project on time. This resulted
in high customer satisfaction and after 2 months they got another big project from the same
client. This clearly shows how personal initiation has helped the team members to achieve
business growth.
To conclude we can say that we have to cultivate not a single skill set but all the three as they
all have high demand in today"s world. We cannot simply choose one skill over the other. In
fact they are all inter-connected. In terms of practicality we may say self-initiative is very basic
and it is followed by communication skills and computer literacy.
IQ accounts for less than 25% of life success. Emotional intelligence, including initiative,
accounts for the rest. Kids who lack initiative are more prone to depression.

DEAR HERE COMMUNICATION SKILL MEANS - the way of speaking , pronouncing word,impression of speaker etc.
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In your case a Dictionary would be invaluable.
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