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are humans the cause of global warming? (pro=yes con=no)

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Started: 3/9/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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i think that yes humans are a part of global warming. we pollute with trash and cars and yes i know that we are striving to fix this i'm not saying we are not. i'm just simply stating that i believe humans are the cause of global warming


Yes, but I wouldn't say that are the only cause, there are other causes. With there being so many of us humans using cars and other things we create a big percentage of global warming. The other things id say create global warming... volcanoes, constantly releasing heat into the air. Also if you look at the earths history, its been through a hellish world covered of lava, to an ice age, I'm guessing the next phase will be coming up soon (in respect of the earths total span). But as I said I wouldn't say we are only but a contributor to the issue of Global Warming.
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Posted by Doom-Guy-666-1993 3 years ago
Global warming happens naturally, it ended the ice ages, we are just speeding up this ice age.
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