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ban islam

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Started: 10/27/2016 Category: Science
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You do realize that ISIS is only a denomination of Islam, much like the KKK is a denomination of Christianity? Also, you can't ban Islam, since Islam is an ideal, not a property.
Debate Round No. 1


islam is limitation of koran.. it should be banned, all muslims deported


Islam is a religion focused on achieving heaven, just like any other religion. The problem is not in the religion, but in people perverting the doctrine of Islam to their own views. In fact, they are not the first to do so. The first people to do so were actually early Christians during the Crusades. While going to war with Muslims they exterminated Jewish settlements along the way. When the Black Plague started to ravage Europe the Christians killed the Jews because they believed the Jews were cursing them since less Jews were getting infected. However, this was only due to the Law of Moses dictating a lot of hygienic and clean doctrines, while the Christians believed the Law of Moses was fulfilled by Christ's sacrifice. Should we therefore ban Christianity, since it may have paved the way for radical Jihadists? The truth is you can't, since ideals do not have any solid substance and as long as a person can believe it, they will. Also it is against the Bill of Rights to deport anyone according to their religious beliefs, so that's also a cannot.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
like medicin to the sick
Posted by Overnight 2 years ago
here Vi_spex goes again.
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