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banning cosmetic sergery

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Started: 2/23/2014 Category: Philosophy
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do people really need surgerary if god made us that way why should be happy with ourselfs. i with understand a surgery that with safe your life like heart seargury. first cosmetic surgery is not needed and people should be happy with the way they look. second any sergury is always dangeres and has posibility of life treating. to put yourself under a scaple to look more like angelina jolie is stuped risking your life for what you apirence, also you may wind up looking uglyer. cosmetic surgery should be banned. we need to luern to exapt people for who they are. casmatic suragery is unnessasery and more inportmintly life threating. i dont see why a mather and a wife with take a chance of living her husband and kids behind just to look nic


Cosmetic surgery should not be banned.

- Tobacco accounts for more than 5 million deaths per year (far greater than cosmetic surgery), but smoking is not banned. [1]
- Patients are made aware of all associated risks.
- Patients may be disfigured and scarred (from birth, or from an accident), causing them extreme emotional distress.
- Cosmetic enhancements are nothing new in society; most women apply make-up etc.

[1] -
Debate Round No. 1


First you say tobacco kills 5 million per year how do you know cosmetic surgery doesn't kill mre. There are maney Un registered cosmetic surgery. Patients being aware of risk doesn't change anything I'd they die same as smoking. As for naturally bad birth is bater then diaing on table to look batter. It may be not new but it's uneasily risk you take for what. Cosmetic surgeries are life treating more than enaph said to banning it


I know cosmetic surgery doesn't kill more people because there are many verified statistics readily available online. All forms of cosmetic surgery (including liposuction and other 'extreme' forms) account for less than 1 in 11,000 deaths. This is including unregistered surgeries and non-certified surgeons. Car crashes account for 1 in 2000 deaths -- almost six times higher. [1]

For some people, their appearance can significantly get in the way of their life. Patients are aware of the slim risks it takes to be slim (pun intended, har har), but they choose to go through with it because they would rather take a small risk and gain the potential of bettering their lives through a greater self-esteem. I can see that this option is not for everyone, but I believe the benefits largely outweigh any potential risks, especially when you look at the death rates for other daily activities such as driving.

[1] -
Debate Round No. 2


If not all cosmetic surgery is registered then we're did you get your statistics. We our not talking about what causes more deaths this is not a death compatishan. We our talking about the logistics in putting yourself on cutting table to look batter, it's stooped and selfish for those who love u. Is it worth losing your life for. Excuse me take "slim risk taking a risk to die so you "may" look batter that makes no sense. Don't you think there is something wrong with having a surgery to bust your self-esteem. You won't to lose wait hit the gym, and stop visiting McDonald's . Having a surgery to look good bay be a good I idea I mean hi you look nice on your funereal. Or you can just live a healthy life eat healthy work out etc and if happens that u had bad birth or your breast are small it's batter then having your loved ones cry at ur funeral. Cosmetic surgery should be band.


I disagree with everything you say. I can understand the point you are making, but it is unwarranted. I reinstate all my previous arguments to counter your new argument -- you have not made any new contentions. I cited the source of my information at the bottom of my previous argument; however, unregistered cosmetic surgery is highly disapproved of in many countries and is already illegal -- this debate primarily encompasses registered, lawful surgery.

I would also like to mention that everything in life comes with the risk of death; travelling to a holiday destination can be dangerous, but the rewards for the traveller far outweigh the risks. The same is true for people who undergo elective surgery. For some people, their self-esteem is so low -- maybe an accident they had, or a birth defect -- that they would rather take a small risk to potentially reap the benefits for the rest of their lives.
Debate Round No. 3
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