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batman is better than sailor venus

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Started: 1/31/2009 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Voting Period
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i better give christina a head start on this one... :)

(P.S. I love you!)


Thank you.

Contention One:
Sailor V's seductive charm

Sailor Venus is a very sexy character with a very seductive outfit. She herself is named after the Roman godess of love and beauty. Her power element is love. She could simply cast her Venus love-me-chain attack and Batman would be to stunned and overwhelmed by attraction to attack her.

Contention 2:
Sailor V is Japanese

The Japanese have a better developed education system than Americans, and Batman is American. Sailor Venus is therefor more experienced in art, science, music, and math. While it is true that Batman is older, thus he should be wiser, this is not true as he is a man and thinks with his hormones which brings me to my next point

Contention 3:
Batman is suseptable to pedaphilia

Sailor V is 14 and since Batman thinks mainly with his male instinct and testosterone, he would be atracted to her, making him a pedaphile.

Contention 4:
Sailor V is younger than Batman

Batman will die long before Sailor Venus because he is far older than Sailor V

Contention 5:
Sailor Venus has more friends

Sailor V has at least nine very close, very loyal friends that help her save the universe. Batman is a bit of a "loner boner".

Contention 6:
Sailor V saves more people

Sailor Venus saves the whole Universe. Batman merely saves Gothum City

Contention 7:
Mental health of actors

Heath Ledger played the Joker in The Dark Night, the most recent Batman movie. Playing the part gave him severe nightmares. People believe this is part of the reason he mixed meds and died.

Thank you! =3
Debate Round No. 1


Contention I: Batman has accual skill

Sailor Venus can only really use her looks to attack. However, batman has insane ninja skills, he's bough, he is smart enough to use technology, has cool gadgets and can fly. Sailor Venus is incompetent in all these areas.

Contention II: Batman has smarts

Batman' secret identity is a well-known multi billionaire, he's obviously a genius. experience in art, science, music, or math wont always help when fighting crime. Batman however has all of these(since he attended private schools all his life) and more. He also is excellent when it comes to trickery. He has a good sense of what is right and whay is wrong.

Contention III: Batman already has a girlfriend

Batman already has a girlfriend and would never be attracted to sailor venus.

Contention IV: Batman is 'immortal'

Batman is indeed older than SV, however, he will leave behind a greater legacy then Sailor V could ever live up to. Notice how every kid in the united States knows about batman, then notice how like 11 kids in the U.S. know SV, BECAUSE they are from japan!

Contention V:

Batman doesnt need to rely on many other people. he has one person helping him and he is able to protect THOUSANDS of people! Sailor Venus mite save more people, but she also has a lot of people working with her, who's to say she does half the work?

Contention VI: Heath Ledger is irrelevent to this resolution.

Contention VII: Batman has awesome costume!

Batman's symbol is universally known. Batman has all the armor needed to protect himself and others from harm. Sailor Venus could easily be slaughtered considering she only wears a small shirt and a mini skirt-no armor!


I would simply like to attack my opponents case at the moment.

C1: Batman's "skill"

I would like to point out that my opponent has never actually watched the Sailor Moon cartoons, except for one episode. He's also never read the Sailor V manga. Therefore he does not have proper knowledge to make the claim "she only uses her looks to attack". On the contrary, it takes a great deal of skill to control and use magic properly, especially the sort that is bound by the cosmic powers of the universe. Also, Batman can't fly unaided.

C2: Batman has smarts

I already stated that Sailor V is quite smart. My opponent says that experience in art, science, music, and math won't always help when fighting crime, but taking a close look at the resolution, you'll notice it doesn't say "Batman is better than Sailor Venus at fighting crime". It says "Batman is better than Sailor Venus" which is where I'm coming from with my argument on her knowledge of culture and skills in math and science. He also mentions that Batman has a "good sense of right and wrong". This is not always true, as sometimes Batman is in the wrong.

C3: Batman's Girlfriend

That doesn't matter. I respect men and all, but when you get right down to it, that little slice standing in the corner at a party is to good to ignore. Also, this girlfriend can be a weakness when he's fighting crime. A damsel in distress, so to speak. Sailor Venus is single, and not because she can't get anyone, but because she doesn't want to put anyone in that position.

C4: Batman's Immortality

Good for Batman. He's popular in America. However, not EVERY kid has heard of him. There have to be some that haven't. But Sailor V is loved and adored by ALMOST every child in Japan, while Batman enjoys a quiet success. They are both popular in their home countries, so this point is void.


The point is that Sailor V has friends. And as can be proved in "Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose" every sailor scout has an equal share.


No, he's quite relevant. The mental health of actors in the Batman movies are compromised. No one has ever suffered mental illness on the set of a Sailor Moon or Sailor V movie.

C7: Costume

While it is true Sailor V has no armor, if my opponent had watched the cartoons, he'd know that her skimpy little outfit is not where the armor is. There is a certain item called a "moon crystal" the sailor scouts have in their possession. This protects them better than any armor of Batman's, when they choose to use it. Also, Sailor V has suffered a great many attacks without armor or the crystal and never sustained major injuries, making her naturally strong and giving her no need for armor. I would also like to point out that Batman's symbol is not "universally known" unless he's referring to it being known by Universal Studios, due to his extremely mild popularity in Japan.

And just a little tidbit to strengthen my case:

Contention 8:
Sailor Venus in two series

In '91 Sailor V made her debut in her own series Codename: Sailor V. A few years after this, she appeared in Sailor Moon. She has two series she is featured in, while Batman only has one.

Contention 9:
Sailor V has talking cats on her side. Three of them. Cat's are well known for their psychic powers in many cultures. So Venus has small, talking psychics with her.

I now await my opponents arguments. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


Contention 1:
I have accually seen an episode. By observing, its not difficult and lots of people can do it!

Contention 2:
Although the resolution does not specifically state anything about crime-fighting, it is what Sailor venus and Batman are both known for and it is how they both are created. My opponent believes that Batman is sometimes in the wrongg, however, they havnt mentioned any evidence or examples to support their statments. One of the many examples in which Batman is in the Right is when he saves all of Gothem from Scarcrow's drugs and plot, and ultimately becomes more of a hero.

Contention 3:
Oh contrare, on the one episode that I did see, Sailor Venus was driven purely by her heart and not her mind. she tries to have a boyfriend and fails. Just because she doesn't have a boyfriend, doesnt mean she hasnt tried. a true hero can set aside his/her personal feelings in order to do what is best. Batman demonstrates this when the major is saved and his girlfriend murdered instead. He did what was best for the community.

Contention 4:
Friends often serve as a distraction, however, Batman isnt ditracted at all

Contention 5:
Batman also has not suffered major injuries, due to his amazing armor. Also, very very few children know of Sailor Venus, more children in the United States are familiar with Batman.

Contention 6:
As demonstated in Batman's: Dark Knight, his assistance is cell phones around the city. He con track every person anywhere, and also know what they are saying. This serves way better then an incompetent furball could ever be.


My opponent seems to be under the impression that seeing one episode out of approximately 200 (Source 1) makes him fully educated on this complex character. I would like to point out that while you won't see me parading up and down the street in a "Batman's Biggest Fan" t-shirt, I have at least seen more than one of his episodes and a great deal more of Sailor V's episodes. Therefor, I urge you to vote for me, since I have a better understanding of this debate.


Quite honestly, it has to be understood that sometimes a fourteen year old girl will think with her feelings. This just makes Sailor Venus more relate able. Magic aside, she is a very realistic character. One that people can relate to.

Since Sailor V is saving the universe in 2 dimensions with her friends, they do not serve as distractions. They in fact keep her on task. So my opponents point is void.

Once again I am forced to point out that Sailor V is as popular on her own turf as Batman is on his. So I need to once again point out that this is not a relevant point.

Since my opponent has never seen more than one episode of the cartoon, he cannot adequately say that these cats are "incompetent". They are quite intelligent, once again proving my opponent doesn't really have the grounds to argue against my side of the debate. You must know the enemy.


I urge you to vote Con on this debate seeing as I know the topic best.

Thank you very much! Best of luck to us both!
Debate Round No. 3
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