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bible has no significant contradiction in it

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Started: 8/4/2013 Category: Religion
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the only one's i predict you might find, as trivial details, like how many people were at a place, or the color of something. or things that are too vague to mean anything, "our God is a venegful God" "our God is a merciful God".
anything else i will argue, has reasonable explanations.

please provide no more than three. more than that and people are just copy and pasting everything conceivable throwing it to teh wall to see what sticks. three makes you pick your best and stake your credibility on it, and it makes it easier to deal with, all it takes is one blatant contradiction to show the bible has error.


If the bible has no significant contradiction in it. Then explain to me, why does the Muslim bible taught us to marry 4 wives and yet adultery is prohibited? isn't it encouraging per-marital sexual relationship from the start?

Secondly, the lord supper that consist of bread and wine, if we were to remember the ratification of this Jesus every Sunday, isn't it a death cult practice that is awaiting you if someone would have poisoned the lord supper? Since we are all human, isn't it a better alternative to remember Christ than consuming an unknown entity every wee? that's contradiction !

If the teaching of the bible reflects on our wrong doings and prohibits us from doing without any further action being taken afterwards, isn't that a shame. Because therefore in and afterwards, the bible teaches us to wage war and create political policy that cause dis cohort of comfort and social norms that cause wars?
Debate Round No. 1


con mostly has a bunch of off points and rants.

the muslim bible doesn't have anything to do with the debate, so there's no point in mentioning it.

con says the lord's supper would be a cult practice, if someone poisons the lord's supper. this isn't a contradiction, and it doesn't even make sense.
he also asks the rhetorical question of what a better laternative to teh lord's supper would be, but that is not a cotnradiction.

he also has incoherent points about bible teachings and war but i cannot make them out, they are kind of incoherent.


bashisasi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DMiller584 5 years ago
Why don't you stop fooling around with the Muslims and the children and debate me on the topic? You have answered two other debates, but not mine. Why is that?
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