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black people caused 9/11

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Started: 2/25/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello and welcome to this debate on whether it was or wasn't black people who caused 9/11. I will be arguing that black people did indeed cause 9/11 while con will be arguing that they didn't.

I also believe all black people including Aboriginals and Indians should be punished for this.


I thank the instigator for the opportunity to debate. As there are no rules established, I will simply accept during round #1 by way of asserting that my opponents claim is in error. Blacks are not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. He is also incorrect in his assertion aboriginals ought to be punished as a result of these attacks.

It seems apparent the burden of proof ought to rest with the instigator, as he has proposed a claim which requires us to provide proof the claim is not true. Proving a claim regarding abstract concepts as justice to be untrue is a very difficult process, even if the claim is in fact, untrue. Proving it true, as is the instigator's responsibility, ought to be sufficiently simple, if it is in fact true.

I look forward to the proofs of instigator's claims in round #2.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you con for accepting.

I will start my argument by stating how black people did 9/11. When a young Arab reads international news, all he reads about is how terrible Africa is, how much crime there is in the United States and how much of that crime was committed by blacks. The blacks are despised across the globe. I'm European and I've lived in a 99% white country my whole life. Everyone despises blacks. How could Arabs not hate the blacks?
So what does Arabs hating the blacks have to do with 9/11? Everything. Arabs despise blacks, and the country which ended the enslavement of the blacks was the United States of America. Now, there are almost no countries in the world which allow slavery, and all of us non-Americans blame you for that. I always wanted to own a black slave. Why can't I? Because of Americans. I'm absolutely certain Arabs feel the same way, so they would also hate America because of that.
Then, the Arab gets radicalized by Al Qaeda, which was basically created by USA, and he is just so happy to bomb you. The rest of the world rejoiced when it happened too. It didn't kill many black people, but who cares? Blacks aren't dangerous, they are just wild animals. If they hadn't been so violent and stupid, 9/11 would not have happened.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by r.jafet 3 years ago
Please next time Pro must state evidence not personal belies and opinions.
Posted by m8 3 years ago
Logiq, that was the joke. I was showing how far Pro would have to stretch this to create any sort of argument at all.
Posted by chokerboy12345 3 years ago
Thats what the negros want you to think. Black people are the real terrorists. They did 9/11 and they are going to do a lot more UNLESS we stop them!
Posted by howaboutsomefacts 3 years ago
No one race perpetrated the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and certainly not "black people," but rather a vicious, anti-Western, radical Islamic ideology prevalent in many Muslim-majority countries that views the prosperity of the West and Judeo-Christian values as inherently evil and unjust. This is obviously not to generalize the views of worldwide Muslims, as significant numbers of them are not, in fact, radical.
Posted by chokerboy12345 3 years ago
Since con has apparently decided to forfeit, I win. Black people are the cause of 9/11.
Posted by Sinque 3 years ago
Saying black people created 9-11 is like saying white people created 9-11.
Posted by Throwback 3 years ago
I hate to disappoint both the instigator as well as those who would have liked to engage in this sort of thing. I was under the impression the instigator was going to try to make a case for their position. I'm not in the mood to debate at such a low IQ level as to engage this ignorant juvenile.

Rarely have I found someone on here who held an opinion on a topic for debate who was willing to post a serious defense of their position. This instigator is not one of those rare persons.

The 2 minutes I spent formulating my acceptance in round one is 2 minutes I can't get back. They were forfeit on one of the most idiotic debate arguments I've seen, as posted in round #2 by the instigator.

I'm sorry to have wasted my time.
Posted by Youngastronomer 3 years ago
9/11 was an inside job.
Posted by Logiq 3 years ago
That"s the slippery slope fallacy.

Also, most of modern technology was created by white people and other technology by other races, therefore it is at least possible these things would have been developed at some point even if black people never existed.
Posted by m8 3 years ago
If black people didn't exist, it is incredibly unlikely, statistically, that events would have happened to line up in such a way as to allow 9-11 to occur. It is, in fact, incredibly unlikely that the WTC would have existed. It is even incredibly unlikely that the United States would exist. if black people had never existed, 9-11 could never have happened, so black people causally caused 9-11.
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