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bullying causing more suicides each year

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Started: 11/15/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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why should we let people bully others,

Those who bully others are looking to gain a feeling of power, purpose and control over their victims. The easiest way to do this is to focus on something that is unique about them. The bullies try to create insecurity within the person with the intent to try to hurt them either physically or emotionally. The victims try to understand the reasons why they are being targeted resulting in starting to blame themselves.

As a result, we (the bullied) then become insecure, and think badly about ourselves, then we start to think about why we were bought into this world if all that was going to happen is get bullied, be broken-hearted and or suicidal, and want to end their life. and then in the end a life could or is ended because of some nasty person, i think that bullying should be illegal and anyone who bullies should have a consequence...



I would like to preface by saying bullying is wrong and if you are being bullied stand up for yourself and report it.
Physical bullying is typically assault and is illegal, I assume we are debating verbal bullying. I also assume for my argument we are talking about bullying in schools. If these assumptions are wrong please correct me. Good luck!

In school environments children and teenagers are growing and maturing. Many mistakes are made by everyone during this time. Making bullying illegal or overly punishing bullies is unfair to both the bully and the victim.

1. If every adolescent mistake made during formative school years were punished as a crime everyone would have a criminal record by the time they were 18. Bullying, as long as no other crime is committed, is no different. It is a mistake made by someone who can not or does not understand the consequences of their actions.

2. We can not make words illegal. This leads down a rabbit hole where any words someone didn't like could be called bullying. The bullies themselves could start accusing victims of bullying as a retaliation. All language should be legal.

3. Victims of bullies learn from their experience. It has the potential to help a person grow and shape their character. The world needs challenges such as these in order to create great people. If a victim can not handle it they should report it. Schools should be taught how to handle bullies without simply punishing them, as this leads the bully to continue his actions out of anger.

Making bullying illegal hurts everyone involved and helps no one. Instead the schools should offer counseling to both victim and bully. Instruct the victim on how to use the experience as a lesson and further their character, and find the reasons the bully acts the way he does and address it. Ideally both bully and victim will learn and grown from the experience leading to two students who are given the opportunity to flourish.

Side note: Often times bullies are hurting as well. Punishing them typically leads them down a dark and dangerous road. They need to have the opportunity to address their underlying issues and overcome them.
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Posted by StopBeingRetarded 2 years ago
People kill themselves because they want to. If they are too ignorant to seek professional help for depression or bullying then that is their fault. People bully others, that's how the world works, people need to stop being soft and grow some thicker skin.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
There are consequences. Set your phone to record and put it in your pocket or something.
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