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cannabis should be allowed for everyone

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Started: 9/12/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Debating Period
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cannabis should be allowed for every one because think of the medicines we could make.and it helps with cancer.


Pro argues that, "cannabis should be allowed for every one [sic]."

The complete long-term effects of cannabis use are still unknown [1], making it a highly risky drug.

I therefore counter that cannabis should not be allowed for people below the age of majority (as defined by the law), since they implicitly lack the cognitive capacity to weigh risks and make sound choices compared to the average adult.

I have no problem with legal adults using cannabis. However, if they look too young, cannabis vendors should be required to ask for ID, lest they unwittingly sell to minors.

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Posted by TheBenC 5 years ago
This is like asking if hard liquor should be available to everyone. It clearly should not be. The human brain develops until roughly 25 years old. So no pot or alcohol until that age!
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