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cause and effect is logic

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Started: 5/15/2015 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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logic+experience of it=reason(concept, mental simulation of logic)



cause+effect does not always result logic.
[1] Placebo Effect (Cause = You are sick you take a pill (you are given this pill by the pharmacist but instead its a sugar pill))
(Effect = You are no longer sick)
[2] Reason why liquid water existed in the past. The atmosphere did not have the temperature ranges that it does now but yet life was still able to sustain itself.

[2] Why magnets have a N and S pole.

logic+experience of it=reason

The examples above contradict this statement also. You cannot have a reason due to the uncertainty of the event. For example you cannot know for sure the reason why a magnet (fridge magnet) has a N and S pole (other than for it to stick to the fridge)


This one might not even apply here...

Debate Round No. 1


so if placebo works isnt it then resonable to keep doing it?

life is, not was or will be

i dont see any contradictions


No pro you misunderstood my arguments. What i covered in the previous rounds is that cause and effect is not always logic. We cannot understand it or find logic in it. I gave those examples as proof.

You can apply this to you. You were unable to see the logic in my cause and effect round from above.

Makes sense? :)
Debate Round No. 2


magnetism exist, everything that exist has an opposite for it to exist. without positive there can be no negative

reason is the opposite of logic. how is magnetism not logical?



Logic: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity


The reason why i say that not everything that has a cause and effect is logical is due to the uncertainty and lack of evidence (mostly based on faith). Take for example the magnet. You cannot know for sure which side is which (N or S) without testing it or creating a measurement/observation correct? So continuing on this path if we were to take into consideration the logic of the cause and effect it is not always dictated by the 2 variables. More "things" have to be determined in order for a cause and effect to become logical. You have given the example of "without positive there can be no negative" But we know of this due to what? Due to us eliminating the uncertainty between the 2. The reason why we know that we know that the stud of a battery marked with red is the + is due to precautions that were created in order for personnel to properly operate the device.

So to summarize this short round.
cause+effect does not always result in logic due to lack of evidence.
Debate Round No. 3



logic+experience of it=reason(concept, mental simulation of logic)
logic is true, reason is false and truth
any example of cause and effect is sufficient..
so if there is a lack of evidence of why magnets are they way they are or whatever, is that proof that the unproven case of cause and effect isnt logic?
lack of evidence means lack of evidence, there is no logic in fantasy thou


Here i will give you an example if my arguments did not stir anything.

If you were to be on the top of a cliff ready to jump in a crystal clear water (call it a lake) with your friend. Dive in completely not supported by anything. You are not sure how deep the lake is but your friend is not able to touch the bottom of the lake where you will jump.

Cause = Jump into the lake
Effect = Die or tell a story
Logic = determine and weight in the effects.

Evidence : The lake is deep enough that you will not be able to touch the bottom.

See what happened there? The evidence has given logic to the effect which in turn has removed the uncertainty of death.

In this sense cause and effect=logic is triggered by evidence.

Now lets cover the cause and effect does not equal logic.

Cause: debate between you and me
Effect: me or you are the winner
Logic: it cannot be determined since the statements that i provide might not be logical (ex. i could have written in all of the rounds just ajckjasjdajkscajksd)

The cause of me debating you and the effect being a winner does not result in logic due to there not being any on my side.

Hope it makes sense
Debate Round No. 4


you are changing it to awarness.. just make it simple

bashing yourself in the head at full force is illogical if the goal is staying healthy

votes determines nothing


Hehe good, you understood :)

Debate Round No. 5
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