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cause+effect=logic(cause and effect is logic)

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Started: 4/18/2015 Category: Science
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there is no logic in fantasy

logic is absolute

if you are lost in the forest and hungry, and you pick up a mushroom and eat it, does it matter what you think is going to happen if the mushroom is poisonous?

you cant read these words on the screen with your eyes closed

if apples became poisonous today, and everyone was aware of it, would it be right to give kids apples if we wanted them to be healthy(logic)? and even if we didnt want them to be healthy, would it be right to give kids apples(morality)?

logic+(and)experience of it=(is)reason(the concept, mental simulation of logic)



I accept this debate.

Logic is what seems most obvious, it varies depending on who the logic applies to. EA's logic to football is clearly that it is more likely that goals will be scored in the 90th and 45th minutes while simple mathematical logic states every minute is as likely to have goal as every other. Of course as soon as you take fatigue in to the equation it edges towards EA logic again, that is effectively correct [1]. Cause and effect do not apply to logic, an affect is the result of a cause and therefore they cannot be combined in any way. Your other questions and statements are opinionated and irrelevant and therefore only put you in a distorted position.

Could my opposition please take note that my arguments will generally be posted around 6 pm GMT assuming you are in a time zone I would appreciate it if the arguments aren't posted between 5 - 8pm GMT.


Debate Round No. 1


cause cant exist without effect, and effect can exist without cause

ea dosnt have seperaete logic from any one else.. logic is what it is


R1: Cause can't exist without effect. Effect can't exist without cause as every effect is the result of a cause.

R2: The logic EA goes by is different to logic proved by simple maths. [1]

R3: More than one concept can be logical. Eurostar providing services to Frankfurt via Paris and Strasbourg is logical. The route going via Brussels, Cologne and Aachen is also logical. For ICE it would only be logical via Paris and Strasbourg currently as the ICE 3 is limited to 250 km/h on HSL 2 while they can go at 320 km/h on the LGV est. In this case Logic is not absolute.


Debate Round No. 2


i have no idea what you are trying to get at

do you understand why its illogical to eat a poisonous mushroom if you are trying to be healthy?



R1: that case is irrelevant because I've proved with both the EA and London - Frankfurt examples that logic is not always absolute. With the second one I have provided point blank evidence that the logic is completely correct in both interpretations. In the case you provided logic is absolute but since J provided 2 cases in which logic is not absolute that immediately considers your point untrue since you said logic is always absolute.

R2: There is logic in fantasy as it has a correlation otherwise it wouldn't be possible to fantasise and since all correlations mean some logic there is logic in fantasy. Talk me through a fantasy novel and explain why it lacks logic. You must be able to prove the novel exists. If I can't rebut then one of your points is true.
Debate Round No. 3


i cant die in a dream, as i can only die if i am alive

all my points are true, you havnt even come near my arguments, and yours are in all ways insufficient, its like you are trying to figure out what adding is and then multiplying with infinity just to find out what adding is.. while you could just, blink a single time with your eyes



R1: You can die in a dream but then your dead in a dream. It is very slightly possible that at exactly the same time you die actually it is human nature to wake up milliseconds before you die in the dream.

R2: That was well argued... Not... Let me prove my point with justification.

You made the following points. I've proved them all untrue.

There is no logic in fantasy. There is logic in fantasy otherwise a human brain could not fantasise it. I told you how you could prove my point is untrue but as you didn't that is accepting I am right and that there is logic in fantasy.

Logic is absolute. This is untrue. It can be and often is, as proved in your examples. I then showed you examples of when logic is not absolute. Since you haven't proved that in that situation logic actually is absolute you are accepting logic is NOT absolute.

Reason + intent is morality. I proved this is untrue with my London - Frankfurt-am-main example. Eurostar and DB both have reasons to operate from London to Frankfurt but it is not necessarily moral as it will be noisier for people who live by HS1 and the LGV more. You haven't rebutted so you accept I'm right and your wrong

Cause can't exist without effect, effect can exist without cause. If DB start operating London to Frankfurt then that is caused by the fact it was launched - you haven't rebutted so you are accepting I'm right and you're wrong.

I don't see one argument you have won so surely everything I am saying is right and everything you're saying is wrong.
Debate Round No. 4


imagine that you jump from a cliff and smash on the bottom.. you didnt die see, you were already dead in there

there is no logic in fantasy.. thats why superman can exist in there


R1: Superman is very logical. He is a super man so therefore a logical name for him is Superman. Since he is a super man it is logical for him to be able to do things others can't (e.g. fly). It's too late to rebut now.

My closing statement is that my statements are right as I have provided real world non-fantasy examples and sources to prove that my contradictions are true and most importantly - if you combine cause and effect, you do not end up with something identical to logic.
Debate Round No. 5
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