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challenge how some god will die who is made of something is true

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Started: 8/2/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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challenge how some god will die who is made of something is true 100% accurate by ahmed believe and ahmed knowledge.

exclusive lecture by ahmed which gives control and patience to spirits in everything as a genie sense.

listen to my lecture and understand it now and tell me if i am true or lie.


Both your lecture and your opening statement are a bit hard to understand.
Please explain them with proper grammar.
DDO debates should not involve 20 minute videos - can't you just write this down?

Debate Round No. 1


i mean what is originality of gods of genies ? or gods of spirits ? if you check they are thinking (thought) of humans or someone and they die because of thinking of truth of someone like of human.

thinking (thought) of understanding is a genie (spirit) and this genie dies from thinking of truth of someone like of human.

do you believe these gods to be true who dies from any thinking of truth which makes his truth lie (a truth from which understanding he comes of someone)

if yes and that is why genies says our god will die then stop believing in fake gods and believe in my original god (joking who is me)


I don't understand the first paragraph.
Second paragraph contains which seems like an unbased claim.
I do not believe in the truth of the statement "there is a God who can't think of truth."

Debate Round No. 2


let me tell you in detail in written.

i dont mean to harm any gods or any religions neither i will never go against any religions or religions gods.

i am saying original truth of god of genies (god of spirits) so whoever spirits are.

genies are thinking of understanding of someone who understands and think and when someone understands and thinks the genies comes out inside dream of universe as thinking which spirits hear them as voice from mind.

Now that someone is humans or animals or anyone who can understand and think.

So if you understand beautiful that you are there is god and he is made of color of something and he is something which cannot be defeated by anyone and thinks same what you understand then automatically genie comes out from your mind (head) and that genies is not seen to you because its thinking in originality and thinking is dream because thinking comes out from mind of someone like a dream which is heard to spirits only but not to humans so dream hears dream and dream sees dream.

now the genie which came out from your mind has understanding as what you understood while you understand and think so he says he is made of something just like you think (imagination is also thinking) because it comes out from mind of humans as dream only which spirits comes to know it as voice from mind.

as soon the genie comes inside dream of universe then the genie believes in his understanding to be true from which he came from and you understood that is true because you kept your mind clean and understood and think and without being true a human or someone cannot think that means voice from mind only comes when you keep your mind clean and true in thinking.

now when you become true and stay true the genie who came out from you inside dream of universe becomes true because in originality the genie is thinking of your understanding and if you become true then he becomes true and a genie can get anything at any time like educating himself or learning something with he proofs he is true so he is not proven as lie by anyone because if his understanding becomes lie then he dies and erases from time and if he becomes true by anyone or those who proves he is lie becomes lie then he comes in time again that means live again or appear again.

so this is the history of gods of genies, do you still believe in any god of genies (god of spirits) to be true who cannot even tell you what is truth about them and how they have come.

check out my youtube channel and go through playlist wise to understand my believe specially my dna shining and earwax shining and blood shining

make sure you not get fooled by any god of genies (god of spirits) who says they were not born and fears that there god will die.

who doesnt even knows what is knowledge and what is believe i dont understand how they become gods and ruled since many billion years on this planet.

hope you like my beautiful truth and share with spirits through thinking what i wrote.

take care meet you in time.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by platoandaristotle 2 years ago
Masterful, well, that happens.
Perhaps I will have 5 rebuttals in which I fail to understand his statements
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
Just ignore kingahmed he is too stupid to provide a proper debate, I can see this being a sh*t slinging mess.
Posted by platoandaristotle 2 years ago
Is this a serious debate, or just publicity for your vids
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