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Started: 5/11/2014 Category: People
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If cheer/tumbling is not a sport then why is it in the Olympics? If you ever played football you can relate: We don't throw a 2 lb. ball through the air. We throw a 100 lb. girl in the air. We catch our flyer it is not like we can miss the object/person and let them fall 10 feet and hit the ground. We also don't run down the field at 5mph we tumble down it at 10mph. now... does it sound easy to you? No, it does not. Why don't you get out there and try some of it on your own. Oh.. Wait, you can't. if you have a problem with cheerleaders then why don't you go talk to a coach. Oh.. Wait again, you are scared so you can't. Cheer has been proven the most dangerous sport and you would never get out on a field in front of 500 people and do cheers and dances would you? No, you wouldn't.


Cheerleading is not in the Olympics.[1] The difficulty of an activity has no impact on whether or not it is a sport. For instance, it is much harder to build a scyscraper than play football, but building skyscrapers isn't a sport. Further, cheerleading does not qualify as a sport as there is no competition.[2] Sideline cheerleaders take part in no competition - they are just as much a part of a 'sport' as some guy in the stands eating a hot dog.

In numerous court cases, judges have ruled that even 'competitive cheerleading' is not a sport, as it lacks any sort of cohesive rules, organization, or even real championships. It is not considered a sport by the NCAA, nor is any championship offered.[3][4] Unlike real sports, 'competitive cheerleading' factors in unathletic factors such as 'appearance' towards scores[5] 'Competitive cheerleading' may one day reach the status of being a sport, if it develops standarized rules (like real sports) and cohesive organizations (like real sports), but as of today it simply is not a sport.[6]

Debate Round No. 1


happyhappyhappy3 forfeited this round.


Looks like my opponent wasn't that interested in debating. Vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 2
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