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chicken or egg came first- i argue the egg

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Started: 6/26/2014 Category: Philosophy
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answer: the egg.

the lithmus test for whether the chicken or egg came first, should be a defined list of DNA being met.

science is inexact in listing what constitutes a species. if the animal meets criteria like two wings a beak two chicken legs etc, then it is a chicken. the problem is that this is an inexact science. it is sufficient for everyday use, sure. but a line has to be drawn. how do we draw it? the only way is to make a criteria in DNA and stick to it.

we run into a problem similar to someone trying to sell something. a man wants to sell his 57 chevy for ten thousand. would be take a penny less? sure. two pennies? you see where i'm going with this. the man must set a limit. 9500 and not a penny less? so someone were to offer him a penny less and he does take it, is it really a firm limit? in practice, the man might take it, but we all know a point must be drawn.

in practice, scientists might take a nucleotide or piece of DNA less, but a point must be drawn.

what constitutes a chicken then will have a firm limit. in the line of chicken like animals before a chicken, there will be close calls no doubt. but it will be one animal that will evetually fill the criteria, meet the DNA match's minimum. and that animal will be first an egg, which hatches into the chicken that meets the match.

practically, the parents of the chicken might be called chickens in everyday use, but a line indeed must be drawn, so they technically are not chickens.


I disagree the chicken came first because the chicken came from the egg which hatches from the egg into a baby chicken.
Debate Round No. 1


con gives no reason why we shouldn't be able to define what DNA is required to be a chicken, and have a cut off point. if we do this cut off point, the parents would not be chickens.

in fact, it's not even necessarily arbitrary. i'll be sure to include these points in the next debates i create on this. if we have a regression for what are clearly chickens, and what are clearly not chickens but are ancesters.... eventually you will find some that cannot mate, a true hallmark for speciation.
for example. x is not chicken. y is a chicken. they cannot make. y's parents cannot mate with X's offspring. if you keep going back in time with the chicken, and forward in time with the non chicken, eventually you will get to a point where they can in fact mate. this is around the cutoff for chickens. once we get to the point that they can mate, we have to step back a generation to the point they can't mate. and then we would map their DNA. this would be a highly complex project, finding those who can mate and those who can't. and in some ways it'd be impossible since ansesters of chickens are extinct. but, we now in principle this point exists. that theoretical point is the DNA point. the first chicken would be the first in that train wreck of possible mating that can't mate with its acestorial counterparts.

there would surely have to be a point where the offspring couldn't mate with teh ancester, but the parents could. it has to happen at some point. and it might not be exact in practice.... the offspring might not be able to mate, but at certain attempts could, and or its offspring might be able to but the parent cant, cause there is a lot of variability with being able to mate or not, gentetically and in practice. but there is a certain theoretical point where it's not possible. and this is a species that comes first as an egg.


the egg came first because where else would the chicken come from.
Debate Round No. 2


okay, first con disagreed with me, and said the chicken came first. now con is agreeing with me and saying the egg came first.

how bout them buckeyes??


the chicken came first and what you said made no sense what so ever.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dairygirl4u2c 7 years ago
how about you read your first post, then your second, then your third. and then tell me what makes no sense.

aside from not being able to into anything of real substance, you contradict yourself repeatedly.
Posted by AlexanderOc 7 years ago
You have to define a chicken egg. There are 2 definitions.

An egg laid by a chicken.
An egg that contains a chicken.

Both hold equal ground.
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