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chicken or egg came first- the egg

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Started: 6/26/2014 Category: Philosophy
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answer: the egg.

the lithmus test for whether the chicken or egg came first, should be a defined list of DNA being met.

science is inexact in listing what constitutes a species. if the animal meets criteria like two wings a beak two chicken legs etc, then it is a chicken. the problem is that this is an inexact science. it is sufficient for everyday use, sure. but a line has to be drawn. how do we draw it? the only way is to make a criteria in DNA and stick to it.

we run into a problem similar to someone trying to sell something. a man wants to sell his 57 chevy for ten thousand. would be take a penny less? sure. two pennies? you see where i'm going with this. the man must set a limit. 9500 and not a penny less? so someone were to offer him a penny less and he doesn't take it, is it really a firm limit? in practice, the man might take it, but we all know a point must be drawn.

in practice, scientists might take less than a nucleotide or piece of DNA, but a point must be drawn.

what constitutes a chicken then will have a firm limit. in the line of chicken like animals before a chicken, there will be close calls no doubt. but it will be one animal that will evetually fill the criteria, meet the DNA match's minimum. and that animal will be first an egg, which hatches into the chicken that meets the match.

practically, the parents of the chicken might be called chickens in everyday use, but a line indeed must be drawn, so they technically are not chickens.
Debate Round No. 1


yeah sure duly noted get on with it already


Why have you not posted your opening argument???
Are you deliberately attempting do not present your argument?
I withold my arguments until I have recieved an appropriate response.
Debate Round No. 2


wow. just wow.

due to con's inability to just get to it already, and ignoring the opening arguments not just once, which could plausibly be excusable, but twice, which is in no way excusable, i can see this isn't going to lead anywhere productive.

please read the first post by me for opening arguments.

given con hasn't addressed anything, there will be no chance for me to respond. but, it's self evidently true my arguments, con can only add semantics or just argue that my approach is not optimal. seems pretty optimal to me, though. a line has to be drawn somehow, somewhere. and it's the least arbitary most scientific way, the way i described. leaving there to be no other way but an egg that hatches into the first chicken.


I have misunderstand this debate.
There is no point in me providing an argument now.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AlexanderOc 7 years ago
The answer to this question relies on who Chicken egg is defined.

An egg that came from a chicken
An egg that contains a chicken

That's really the whole argument. Once you define it then the answer is simple.
Posted by ArcTImes 7 years ago
I agree with you that the egg came first but the parent is also a chicken. It is not about it being exactly as the offspring, but the definition of species is not about individuals, that's why there are problems to see where an species starts and where it ends.

The parent will be called a chicken because it is able to reproduce with the offspring and have fertile offspring.

You should draw that line after a lot of years where the individual A is not able to breed with his great great great... great great grandfather. Then the offspring of the great great great... great great grand father will be a chicken compared with the individual A, but not the GGGGGFather.
Posted by ArcTImes 7 years ago
He already posted his arguments lol.
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