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child labor good? it is

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Started: 2/21/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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child labor is good because it means you dont have to do anything and can be lazy. they bring money and you dont evn have to get your hands dirty

so boom


Only estimates exist, but it is believed that at least 250 million children work for a living in developing countries, nearly half of them full time. At least 60 million children worldwide are exploited under extreme forms of child labour such as debt bondage and prostitution. Child labour is a human rights violation on many different levels
Children work long hours, often exposed to hazardous chemicals and made to use dangerous tools and machinery that are inappropriate to their mental and physical development.

Its so widespread. Child labour in agriculture is not just in the developing world; it even exists in the United States and Europe. In most countries children assist their families in small scale fishing, family farms and subsistence agriculture. Girls are often kept away from school to work as domestics.

Because it's often hidden or invisible. This is the case of domestics working outside their own home. The children - almost always girls - work very long hours, have no chance to go to school, and are isolated from family and friends. Often they are treated like slaves and sexually and physically abused. Many girls living in agricultural communities drop out of school to work as domestics in their villages or the nearby towns.

Some children are forced to work in debt-bondage. In return for a money advance or credit, a person offers their labour, or that of a child, for an indefinite period. Sometimes only the child is pledged, becoming a commodity in the process. This form of slavery can continue through generations. This happens a lot in agricultural communities.
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its good because children children can get money get money and learn about how hard life is


its good because children children can get money get money" There are a plethora of other methods by which a child can obtain money, none of which involve working to the ground and/or crippling themselves for the rest of their lives because of a job which they were not physically capable of doing. Whilst in some instances this may not be the case however the reality is that this system is so open for abuse that it is not worth implementing.

"learn about how hard life is" There is a time when children will have to learn about the realities of life but it is not in their earlier years. Since you haven"t specified what ages of child labour will be implemented for I will define child as anyone under the age of 18. Does a 10 year old need to learn the harsh realities of life. At that age children are emotionally unstable and telling them about the realities of life will not be good for their well being, especially not through work.

I also notice you have neglected to respond to any of my arguments so I"ll just put this little reminder for you.
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ok but it is better to learn about life that why it is not as hard in the future so when they get a job and they hit rock bottom and they know what to do so ha


A child age, let"s say 10, has no need to learn the harsh realities of life. Forced child labour teaches children nothing. How will it help them when they reach rock bottom later in life? I have nothing wrong with the teaching of children about what to do in later life, but again there is a time for that. At what age do you see it as acceptable to begin both child labour and the education as to later life? Also children can have nowhere near the same experiences of being at "rock bottom" as there is only so much that you can do to a child before it becomes assualt.
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
this is a great debate and you are pretty good
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