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children should have homework

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Started: 12/21/2018 Category: People
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Homework is needed for students. The time students do homework is the golden time when they can redo and rethink about the information they learned. Also, It is proved that when you do something twice, Your body can understand the information almost twice as much than doing it once. And homework is when people do something they already learned. Obviously, It's better to understand everything than only understanding half. Many people may say that homework causes 'stress'. But the stress from homework
is not that harmful and it may help reduce the stress of the future. For these reasons, I believe that homework is appropriate for children.


Well, First off I will be negating this resolution/claim.
As you wish, I will be debating you, And thank you for giving me such an opportunity.

First off, I would like to say that you have exceptional arguments to back up the affirmative side. However, No evidence was shown. Judges, I would like to point out that none of what my opponent said is possibly true, Considering that no evidence was shown. Thus, All his arguments are quite useless in a sense.

Now, As for the negative side, There are actual evidences in which it shows that homework has not benefits whatsoever for students. These pieces of evidence may include datas, Or even surveys that have been conducted. According to Alfie Kohn, He says, "In fact, Even in high school, The association between homework and achievement is weak -- and the data don't show that homework is responsible for higher achievement. (Correlation doesn't imply causation. )" This arguement basically debunks the first half my opponent's arguments.
- https://www. Edutopia. Org/no-proven-benefits

Not only that, Research has shown that due to homework, Students aren't able to get enough time outside. The database "MathPrepa" states, ". . . You’re cooped up in school during the day, Then have to do your homework when you get home, You’ll develop poor health. . . "
- www. Mathprepa. Com/top-5-good-reasons-why-kids-should-not-have-homework. Html

Finally, I would like to point out that in some parts of the world, Homework does indeed cause stress. Because this resolution is not specified to the U. S. , It, Therefore, Means that this resolution applies globally. Thus, I would like to talk about South Korea, And how homework causes suicide rates to increase. Indeed, If you were to read the documents, Homework is not necessarily the only thing causing suicide in South Korea. Of course, Schoolwork and another thing may take place, Too. However, Homework is one of the factors causing suicide rates in South Korea to gradually increase. Even though this seems minor, Lives are being taken due to the stress built upon homework. This is morally incorrect.
- http://www. Voicesofyouth. Org/posts/student-suicides-in-south-korea
- https://pioneerinstitute. Org/blog/blog-education/suicide-and-the-stress-from-school/

I now wait for my opponent's response.
Debate Round No. 1


cayden8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


cayden8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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