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christianity is on the rapid decline here in the states

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Started: 7/23/2021 Category: Education
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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Do a simple google search "is christianty failing? "
Pew Research Center, The very best poll company in the world. . .
"In U. S. , Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace" 17 October 2019
"American adults describe themselves as Christians when asked about their religion, Down 12 percentage points over the past decade. Meanwhile, The religiously unaffiliated share of the population, Consisting of people who describe their religious identity as atheist, Agnostic or "nothing in particular, " now stands at 26%, Up from 17% in 2009. "

Further into the article. . .
"The changes underway in the American religious landscape are broad-based. The Christian share of the population is down and religious "nones" have grown across multiple demographic groups: white people, Black people and Hispanics; men and women; in all regions of the country; and among college graduates and those with lower levels of educational attainment. Religious "nones" are growing faster among Democrats than Republicans, Though their ranks are swelling in both partisan coalitions. And although the religiously unaffiliated are on the rise among younger people and most groups of older adults, Their growth is most pronounced among young adults.

Furthermore, The data shows a wide gap between older Americans (Baby Boomers and members of the Silent Generation) and Millennials in their levels of religious affiliation and attendance. More than eight-in-ten members of the Silent Generation (those born between 1928 and 1945) describe themselves as Christians (84%), As do three-quarters of Baby Boomers (76%). In stark contrast, Only half of Millennials (49%) describe themselves as Christians; four-in-ten are religious "nones, " and one-in-ten Millennials identify with non-Christian faiths.

Only about one-in-three Millennials say they attend religious services at least once or twice a month. Roughly two-thirds of Millennials (64%) attend worship services a few times a year or less often, Including about four-in-ten who say they seldom or never go. Indeed, There are as many Millennials who say they "never" attend religious services (22%) as there are who say they go at least once a week (22%). "
https://christiansforsocialaction. Org/resource/christianity-has-failed-again/ - Christianity Has Failed, Again 11 March 2021
"Yet the violence and cruelty between Christian sects was nothing compared to the wars waged against non-Christians. Genocides. Murder. Enslavement. Dehumanization in all forms. The history of Christendom is one of bloodshed and greed. The Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition. Slavery. The endless invasions of Indigenous lands under the guise of "Christian civilization. " History doesn"t look kindly on Christendom. So maybe the best course of action is to ignore it, Or revise it, Or make it more Christian and patriotic?

Over the last few years we"ve been a "Christian" nation that"s waged endless wars on Muslim countries in the Middle East, And primarily for what? Their oil? Because of terrorism? Nobody really knows, But we continue to pray for our soldiers and hope they return safely after they"re done killing our enemies. But violence is necessary, Right? In fact, Christians used Nationalism to stage an insurrection attempt so that they could try to maintain power. Many Christians still believe the election was rigged, And truth is just a matter of political opinion. The gospel is truth, But so too are conspiracy theories.

Christianity is supposed to be about loving your neighbor, Exemplifying the radical selfless service and sacrifice of Jesus. But immigrants, Refugees, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ individuals, Muslims, Foreigners, And a litany of other people can testify that Christians have been anything but loving. They"ve been xenophobic, Racist, Bigoted, Sexist, Violent, And evil. They"ve raped, Abused, Assaulted, Tortured, Stolen, Lynched, Murdered, And bombed.

Christianity"s top apologists have been proven frauds, Theologians have been proven hypocrites, And mega-pastors and leaders have been proven to be sexual abusers and predators. It"s well-documented that the Church hasn"t been a safe place for women, Children, People of color, And the non-binary. Christian celebrities mock the poor, Slander their political opponents, And rationalize oppression. They"ve abandoned Christ for fame, Fortune, And power, And have left countless victims in their wake. "

Of course the article gets into the "jesus loves you crap" which only proves christianity's loathsome supermassive contradictory hypocritical opaque silliness that is neatly wrapped in tinsel broken bank of rubber bands and empty promises with the threat of hell, Sin, Suffering, Pain, Anguish, Etc etc etc.
"'A failure of American Christianity under President Trump | Opinion" 15 January 2021
"The American church has enjoyed many successes. Unfortunately, It"s also been guilty of numerous failures.

For example, Large numbers of American Christians supported genocide of Native Americans, Defended slavery, Participated in Jim Crow segregation, And resisted the civil rights movement.

In more recent decades, The religious right movement fueled toxic partisanship, Mean-spirited judgmentalism, Denial of climate change, And hatred of gays, Muslims, And immigrants. However, Failure in American religion has not been limited to conservative Protestants.

One of the worst failures in American church history has been the despicable Roman Catholic pedophile priest scandal, With virtually no accountability for abusive priests or the bishops who covered it up. "
No need to go any further but sure you can if you want as the article gets into the "most anti-Jesus president in modern history. "
But then again, Donald manure spread toilet dust Trump, Easily the worst president of all time, Who has so so so so many things in common with the god of the bible, AND has so so so many things in common with republicants, After all, They highly supported that thing while both in and out of office with their teeny tiny little rabbit chewed whiskers, AND televangelists, Many of them during this things campaign and the voting did a whirlwind of E. T. Flamethrower bible hissing prophetizing belief and still do that it is the next messiah, AND this thing named Donald smut with braided toenails reindeer Trump also claimed several times how religious it was even though, Yeah anyone imbecile knew that it wasn't by it's fraudulent fake and phony tells that it gave off every time it mentioned that it was religious in any possible way, Well this article really doesn't hold up in this regard.
"Some of the Most Visible Christians in America Are Failing the Coronavirus Test" 24 April 2020
In place of love, They"re offering stark self-righteous judgment.
"Consider the popular pastor John Piper, Who was asked what he would say to pastors who claim that the pandemic is God"s judgment on sinful cities and arrogant nations. "God sometimes uses disease to bring particular judgments upon those who reject him and give themselves over to sin, " Piper responded. Or perhaps look to R. R. Reno, The editor of the conservative Christian journal First Things, Who argued that it"s not worth a "mass shutdown of society" just to fight the virus. "There is a demonic side to the sentimentalism of saving lives at any cost, " Reno wrote, Decrying the "ill-conceived crusade against human finitude and the dolorous reality of death. "
Now that time has passed since the writing of the article, Many televangelists, As well as supposed christians (there is no such thing as a christian), Have realized that it is NOT "God"s judgment on sinful cities and arrogant nations" but covid is indeed part of evolution, Just as all diseases are. No exceptions, None. That's because this supposed unproven christian god can never prove its existence to anyone, Not ever even if they do not know and or come to this acceptance. It is tough if they don't.
Wow is this one really screwed up and shows just how bent people can get, But yeah tepid indeed.
https://www. Newyorker. Com/news/daily-comment/the-wasting-of-the-evangelical-mind
"The Wasting of the Evangelical Mind" The peculiarities of how American Christianity took shape help explain believers" vulnerability to conspiratorial thinking and misinformation 4 March 2021
"It was among the most jarring scenes of the Capitol invasion, On January 6th. As rioters milled about on the Senate floor, A long-haired man in a red ski cap bellowed, From the dais, "Jesus Christ, We invoke your name! " A man to his right""the so-called QAnon Shaman, Wearing a fur hat and bull horns atop his head, And holding an American flag"raised a megaphone and began to pray. Others in the chamber bowed their heads. "Thank you, Heavenly Father, For being the inspiration needed to these police officers to allow us into the building, To allow us to exercise our rights, To allow us to send a message to all the tyrants, The Communists, And the globalists, That this is our nation, Not theirs, That we will not allow the America, The American way of the United States of America, To go down, " he said. "Thank you, Divine, Omniscient, Omnipotent, And omnipresent creator God for filling this chamber with your white light and love, Your white light of harmony. Thank you for filling this chamber with patriots that love you and love Christ. "

Enough said.

Believe in yourself people. Come on. Not a fake faulty religion in which case it's unproven supposed god can never prove its existence to anyone. You are better than this!
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