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competition is increasing

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Started: 11/8/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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is competition really increasing?


Competition is definitely increasing. Schools have increased their standards. There are students who are fighting to be in the top 5% just so they can have the opportunity to get into Ivy League schools or any top college. Many of these kids don't even make it in. There are many bright and intelligent students who decide to settle for community college because of the fierce competition. Competition has led many children to believe they cannot achieve anything. Competition is especially widespread in public schools. Private schools have become so popular because of the fact that students receive too much stress! Stress and pressure spread along with this competition. In an article in the Stanford news it states, "Students feel as if their life success depends on getting the top SAT scores and the highest grades." This is because of our changing times and competition. Life becomes a competition. Kids from as early as elementary school are brought up told that they have to work hard and strive to get into the top college. There are some kids who are brought up only knowing Ivy League. They have this pressure placed on them by their parents, teachers, and peers. Peers who are geniuses often make others feel inferior because of grades. Extra curricular activities have even become a competition. In public schools, you have to audition or try out to get in a few clubs or teams. On Point even talks about how "today"s system isn"t generating kids who are independent thinkers and ready to contribute to the world," Abeles says. "So I think we have to ask ourselves whether we are wanting to create a generation of test-takers and resume-builders, or do we want problem-solvers and life-long learners and healthy young adults." Kids with too much pressure make some choices that ruin their lives. Competition hasn't only increased in school though. Businesses are also going through some rough times. "The number of people unemployed in the US peaked in October 2009 at 15,352,000. There are now 8,832,000 fewer people unemployed in the country," says the Department of Numbers. There are so many people who cannot find jobs. It is a competition to find a job you like and works for you. Many people drop out of college and don't even try at all. This leads them to be unemployed. The number of people unemployed is ghastly. We should not have as many people at home as we have today. Our generation needs to be uplifted and motivated. Many people drop out because of the lack of interest. Others decide to quit because of the COMPETITION. Competition is everywhere. People don't get accepted into jobs. They do a job interview and don't get in. All this disappointment leads to despair. People quit trying. Competition has increased as the years go by. I think that this is because of our growing generations. Let's be honest. As the years pass by, students become smarter and smarter. Our curriculums are changing. Common Core, NJ testing, and PARCC... The demand for colleges has also increased. Parents expect their children to get into Princeton and become President. That would be the most idealistic world ever! This is why everyone pushes harder. Even one low SAT score or average can get you out of the top colleges. Competition has increased and with it the stress and pressure.
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Posted by Youraverageunicorn 2 years ago
are you talking about competition for resources? like, ecosystem competition?
Posted by JLeff007 2 years ago
in what this is a stupid debate sorry
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