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cyber bullying is a big deal

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Started: 5/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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are you serious? saying that only a few people have committed suicide because of cyber bullying? this has to be a joke. about 5,400 teens die each year from cyber bullies. yea its more than a few. and I find it offensive when u said that they have mental problems and personal demons. mind your own business and shut up. I've had two of my best friends die this year. and ill show u what the bully was saying online if u want. I get cyber bullied by another student and her mom. the mother wrote on my school's facebook page saying that I bully her daughter, lied and said i stabbed her daughter and that im not a virgin.( i am though) the post made parents tell their children to stay away from me. this is month 2 of having nobody talk to me. I don't have mental problems or personal demons. I didn't even deserve to get cyberbullied. all I did was date a guy that the girl liked. even the girl posted on facebook that I had sex with my boyfriend everyday in the school bathroom for the past two years. and I'm only in the 7th grade. everyone in my school read that rumor and now think I'm a skank. oh yeah, and the guy I was dating broke up with me cuz she also posted that I stabbed her. I'm not being home schooled next year because cyberbullying isn't a serious issue. I'm being home schooled because cyber bullying is a HUGE and a VERY serious issue. and if you're wondering why I didn't go to the principal, its because she she ran into his office fake crying and said that I threatened to kill her. so yea. cyber bullying ruined my life. but u think its not a problem. y don't u tell that to the 5,400 families who lost a teen last year.


Wow my computer goes into the shop for a few days and I come back and this happens?

Okay well first off this seems more like a personal vendetta you have against me rather than an actual debate. If this is the case we can probably do this though email or some sort of web forum, because I didn't join this site to fight with people who have issues with me on a personal level.

In the case this is a actual debate and you are just coming off as a person with issues with me then I guess I will start by going after some of the things you have said in your opener

"this has to be a joke. about 5,400 teens die each year from cyber bullies. yea its more than a few.

54 hundred die each year? I would really REALLY like to see where you are getting those numbers from because that sounds like something you have pulled out of thin air. I don't think that many people die each year from gang and gun violence combined.

"I've had two of my best friends die this year. and ill show u what the bully was saying online if u want."

Okay do show me. Doesn't really fit into the debate, but I would like to say what horrible evil things caused your two best friends to die. Just out of curiosity by die you mean they committed suicide right? They didn't die from reading these horrible things?

"the mother wrote on my school's facebook page saying that I bully her daughter, lied and said i stabbed her daughter and that im not a virgin."

Okay well I see two problems here and most of them aren't really a cyberbully problem.

The first problem I see here is that your school has a public facebook.
The second problem I see is that your school doesn't maintain the facebook it owns.

If it did maintain its own facebook (which it still shouldn't really have to begin with) it wouldn't allow such slander to be posted on it. ESPECIALLY something from a non-student. It sounds like I could go on your school's facebook and post slander about any student (or teacher even) I wanted to myself and I don't even know what school you go to or anything about the students that go to it.

"I'm being home schooled because cyber bullying is a HUGE and a VERY serious issue."

No you are being homeschooled because as I previously mentioned your school doesn't care about its students and doesn't maintain its facebook. It allows anything by anyone who wants to post to the site. Normally I wouldn't suggest going to a different school but in this case I would highly recommend it. What if a student gets raped/molested by a staff member? I think the school would just write that off as "our bad we won't let it happen again".

"and if you're wondering why I didn't go to the principal, its because she she ran into his office fake crying and said that I threatened to kill her. "

Wow that is just more proof that your school doesn't care about its students. Which again the reason why you are having so many problems isn't because of a cyberbully. It is because you are in a school that doesn't care about the protection of its students.

I bet if you were sexually assaulted all your assailant would have to is cry and say that you threaten to kill him as well?

You probably still should have told your principal. Either that or your principal should have done something more than what he/she did do because if a student says another student threatened to kill them the police should have been called. That is a serious offence and for a school authority to do nothing about such a claim tells me more that either you go to a school that NEEDS to be shut down or you are making all of this up.

The school needs to do its job and protect it students. ALL OF ITS STUDENTS. For administrators to sit idly by and do nothing as students are attacked and threatened is just deplorable. Again this isn't a cyber bully problem though. This is a school problem. A problem that either you or your parents need to deal with. Either the school needs to be sued for all its worth or it needs to be shut down permanently. In either case there needs to be something done about the school because all of your so called "cyberbulling" problems are all rooted back to a piss-poor school that doesn't seem to give a care about it students at all.

" y don't u tell that to the 5,400 families who lost a teen last year."

As I said before where is the proof for this number? because the number doesn't even fit in with amout of students that are phyically bullied by kids at school.
Debate Round No. 1


christinaaa forfeited this round.


Don't know what happened to my opponent but I guess I will try to continue on.

In the case of my opponent as I said previously cyberbullying seems to be more of a side effect of the real problem. That is bad schools with uncaring or completely useless faculty. I can't say how it is everywhere so I will use some of my own personal experiences as examples and as proof that schools with uncaring faculty are the real problems and not some kid behind a computer screen. I realize I will be talking about physically bullying and not cyberbullying but there is a point here I am going to get to.

When I was in middle school I was bullied pretty badly due to my back pack. One time after school I found out while I was in the office that there was a file cabinet filled with the kids that also got bullied. The office staff told me it was the "targeted kids list". The school had a whole cabinet filled with kids that they knew could potentially explode and did nothing about it except make a list. While I understand bullying can't be completely prevented; the fact is there shouldn't be a huge list either. I was on this list before the events of Columbine. Meaning that list could have had kids that would have or could have pulled the first really bad school shooting well before Columbine. There were also countless other times where I went to a teacher and for my bullying problems and they did little or nothing at all.

High school got worse. Me and my few friends were pretty much out cast. That means we were all bullied pretty bad. I remember one time some kid tripped me. At my high school we had proctors that were basically the one you went to when you had problems with students. When I confronted them about the kid who tripped me they told me to go tell the on campus police officer. I couldn't believe the response. The police officer wasn't there to police the student. He was there as mainly a guard since this was during a time after Columbine. He was also there to hand out tickets for fighting, but he wasn't there when you were being bullied by another student. I was bullied so bad that I remember this one kid who wasn't really my friend, but also wasn't a bully always thought I was going to be the next kid to bring a gun to school. He reminded me of this by usually telling me "If you ever bring a gun to school please don't shoot me I have never done anything to you". He might have been joking but I never could tell. To me he seem legitimately scared that I was going to bring a gun and shoot up everyone that had wronged me.

What is my point to all of this? Simple. If I could have got up and turned off my computer or if I could have blocked the people that were bullying me do you think I would have had so many problems in school? No I wouldn't. That is the difference between cyberbullying and physically day to day bully. On a computer/tablet when some one wrongs me. I block them. I can also just turn off the computer. If they are persistent then the worst case is I have to delete my account or unplug the Internet for a while. While the "sticks and stones" line is complete BS in the real world online it works great. Words can't hurt you online because they are just that words. They are words that you can ignore completely. In some case they are words you can even delete. You can't delete, block, or remove a real bully. You can for a cyber bully.

My other point is also that cyberbullies, while not all, are mostly strangers online. Strangers that you don't know and who usually don't know anything about you unless you are foolish enough to post your real info online. In the cases that a cyberbully is also a real life bully then the real problem is schools or parents that allow a bully to continue their terror from the real world to the cyber world. These are the same parents that allow their kids to play M rated games like GTA5. These are the same teachers that tell you to called the police or make a "targeted student list" and do nothing else about the problem. A kid then becomes so fed up with a physical bully that he/she feels that they are the only one that can put end to the problem. Then they become a problem because the world has shown them they they ARE the only who can stop the pain and suffering from a physical bully. They usually do this by taking the most extreme routes though. That means they will bring a gun to school and end everyone's life including their own. This is sad because why would our world tell our young "we don't care about you"? We do care and we need to show it. We need to show it by fixing our schools and making sure that when a bully goes from real world to cyber there is someone there to stop them in their tracks before they can escalate things .
Debate Round No. 2


christinaaa forfeited this round.


well it is strange that my opponent challenged me and sounded so adamant about the the topic only to never respond back after the first round. I will just post my final argument and final thoughts.

Cyber Bullying isn't a serious problem or a big deal at all. As proved by me and my opponent it is just a side effect of uncaring parents or school staff members. It really is only as bad as smoking your basic cigarette in school. Something that needs to be stopped, but not a real serious problem at all.

I remember seeing the ABC family movie "Cyberbully". That was a pretty bad movie because it made the main girl look so stupid that everything that did happen to her she deserved. She created a social network profile and put down all her real information. Anyone who had decent parents growing up should have been told not to talk to strangers. This rule always applies. When you are on the Internet you are basically out in public. Anything you say or anything you do the world can see. If I go to a neighborhood with high black person population and yell out racist or bigoted remarks anything that happens to me is my own fault. Sure the ones that may attack me probably shouldn't but I did invite my possible attackers because of my own actions. The same for the girl in the movie. She posted her real information and invited all the attacks one her. Even worse there was a part in the movie where either her friend or her mother had to physically remove her from the computer because she was some sort of masochist or a glutton for punishment. I don't claim to be a expert of social networks because I myself don't use them. The few times I have used my friends or my brothers Facebook though I noticed you can set your profile to private, so only the people you allow can see or post on your facebook page. You can block and remove people that you don't like or report them. These are all basic features of all social networks. A person should never feel cyber bullied because of these features. If all else fails you can always delete your account or unplug the Internet.

It is funny. I feel like some ninety something year old man when I say "back in my day we didn't let people bully us online." It is funny to say that because I am not some ninety something year old man and THIS IS MY DAY. Why are allowing the weakest and most pathetic of the Internet push us when we have the power. I mean I can insult a MS-13 gang member right now and as long as they don't have some crazy good hacker I don't have to worry about waking up tomorrow with a Colombian neck tie. It is just that simple. As long as you can remember the simple rules of the Internet you will be fine. Don't act like Alexandra Wallace or any other stupid person. Remember that when you are online you are in public. You must also remember that just like in public everyone is a stranger. Don't go talking to people and telling them all of your personal information and that is basically it.

I think just about every time a kid has brought a gun or a weapon to their school they did it because of a real life physical bully. Columbine didn't happen because the boys that shot up their school were social outcast online. They might have had plenty of friends online that didn't know who they were and only knew them by their Internet handles. They did what they did because of real world bullies and problems. That is what the serious problem is. A real world bully that you can't block or ignore. A real world bully that kids wake up to daily when they go to school. A real world bully that kids hope and pray is sick that day or wish death/injury upon because they are just that bad. While I still don't think you should even allow a real world bully to drive you to kill yourself; the fact is that a real world bully is more of a threat then someone on the Internet.

There is really nothing else I can say except I feel that this was pretty pointless. Everything I have said is all pretty much common knowledge. If you don't know how to deal with a cyberbully then you are probably hopeless. I can't say anything else without sounding like a broken record repeating the same simple facts on why a cyberbully is nothing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct for the forfeits, but really the entire premise of this debate, as outlined in R1, was clearly just to attack Pro, so Con stood a good chance of losing conduct anyway. Con shouldn't have been Con, anyway, considering the title of the debate was "Cyber Bullying is a big deal" and Con clearly believes it is. Con set up a debate and made a series of wild assertions. Pro called out these assertions for lack of supporting evidence, and Con proceeded to forfeit subsequent rounds, never supporting her case. Con had presumptive BoP, and failed to make a case beyond the R1 setup. Pro rebutted the R1, continued to participate, and made a case. Arguments, clearly, to Pro. Con's only round of participation also had some obvious S&G problems, while Pro managed to participate in all rounds without having any major issues, so Pro gets S&G as well. Neither side sourced. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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