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death penalty

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Started: 12/25/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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first round(acceptance)

second and third round(arguments and rebuttals)

no new arguments after third round

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I accept the debate, but just so you know I am not against it in all cases
Debate Round No. 1


To keep things simple, death penalty is to be taken in the usual sense of term i.e. debt is payed(punishment) through execution(big tyrion lannister fan).
Now, when we are talking about death penalty, we are talking about death penalty in the extremest of the extreme crimes, crimes which take away human dignity and/or an integral human right to such an extent that they deserve the most extreme form of punishment permissible by the state(or any other ruling authority, as the case maybe).
To give some context to the above mentioned model, we are talking about crimes like rape, murder etc.
Let us get one thing straight before moving forward with this debate that when we are talking about death penalty in a case, the facts of the case are as such, that it has been established that the crime committed deserves the highest level of punishment, only thing in question in this debate is whether death penalty should be the highest form of penalty there is or not.
Now that we are clear to as to what this debate is to be about, let us move forward to the contentions provided by me in the favor of death penalty

Contention 1
When we are talking about death penalty, we are talking about it in the extremest of the extreme crime, these crimes by their very nature are so heinous that we believe they are irredeemable and hence the committers of such crimes should be executed. Now, the reasons we believe these crimes are irredeemable is firstly, the heinousity of the crime committed makes mercy an option that"s out of the window, why it makes mercy an inconsiderable option is because such offenders shouldn"t be tolerated in the society(because of the gravity of the crime commited) and by keeping them in prison we are still tolerating them in the society, as prison might be an excluded part of the society but it is part of the society still.
Secondly, Prison is ran through taxpayers money, and the purpose behind taxpayer"s money is welfare of the society and it is ridiculous to spend even a single penny of taxpayer"s honest money to shelter or feed murderers and rapists, as no probable welfare can come out of it.

Contention 2
Prison is a place ran by the state, through tax payers money, now as already mentioned above, taxpayer"s money is to be used for the purposes of welfare, and such is the case even in the case of such money being spent in prison.
Execution of these inhuman elements will make the prison life, much more up to the desired standard. Why the prison life needs to be up to a desired standards is because, a crime committed in prison is a crime still. Cases of prison rape and murder will come shooting down if the murderers and rapists were not a part of the prison system altogether.

To the opponent,
sorry, if the first round seems inept and incomplete, been rather busy lately, continue this debate, i'll provide a much better second round, i promise.
best of luck for this debate :)
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by kikiki 1 year ago
Ok, I'll do an all out anti-death penalty arrgument
Posted by ace_pace 1 year ago
Posted by ace_pace 1 year ago
..we are talking about death penalty in rarest of rare you oppose the idea of death penalty or you don't...if you want to continue this debate..then you being the con will have to take an anti death penalty stand point..if you are not doing will beat the whole point of this now its up to you to accept this debate with an anti death penalty stand point or not...let me know
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