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do boys think of doing immature thing with girl at a young age

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Started: 1/16/2018 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am in 6th grade and when I walk to my locker hear more ten bad things from boys like why say stuff like that


America is freedom of the speech
Debate Round No. 1


IT IS NOT ABOUT FREEDOM girls get respect boys get no boy has the right mind to say he wants to f the girl thing same with as rape u go to jail for that is a rape implied statement no boy needs to say stuff like that it makes the girl feel used or not wanted


It is because we show girls lots of respect. It is a way of showing affection.

No saying you want to sexually reproduce is different than rape because rape is abuse as well and you don't want to reproduce

I can say what I want about someone in America. If I wanna screw a girl I can say that. It isn't abuse, in fact, it might be a compliment. Your calling someone attractive enough that you want sexual interactions, which is the process of forming life

Some girls feel a certain way about it. It is only a personal thing for a girl

A boy's growth in his hormones should not be something to be called rape

Rape is different from sexual thoughts because rape is actually doing. Sexual thoughts do not have to do with rape
Debate Round No. 2


when i was in 6th grade i did not think of wanting to go do those things i see what u mean by its not rape just don't say stuff like that because i don't think a lot of girls think it is funny or cool so why say it.but some girls make take it as oh he has dirty mind. some girls do not like it so next time want to say something that might not be good think which way will she take it . not being rude some boys not to grow up.


Well if it's not rape, I mean I technically win the argument because your agreeing

Again freedom of speech. You can say what you want. I can too.

Well, it's technical guys talking to guys about it so girls don't really know. If the male openly responds to a girl about his feelings, you can't say they WILL because what if they don't. They might react a way the guy may not expect

Also, why limit yourself to guys.? Girls can feel the same way as well!

Uhm you dropped freedom of speech
You also dropped the can't control your hormones

It's simple, vote PRO
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MRAAJ 2 years ago
Posted by SupaDudz 2 years ago
What the bloody hell MRAA
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Fam, boys are horny creatures too. My first sexual dream was in Year 2, aged 7.I think its sort of a mini puberty thing. Then i had a weird fantasy of being supreme king of two lesbian vampires lol.
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Reasons for voting decision: Sorry con, but though it is likely on accout of your age in this case, even the title of the debate is messed up. "do boys think of doing immature thing with girl at a young age" I will list the mistakes I see in the title alone here: d, thing, girl. You also failed to directly respond to pro's arguments. You need practice and I suppose you will get that if you keep it up. I suggest looking through other debates and how people structure them.

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