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do different ethnicities have any biological/behavioral difference?

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Started: 3/6/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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i do not mean to be racist i believe all races should be treated equally and today we are moving away from our previous biologies

well in my opinion depending on your ethnicity u might have different behavioral patterns due to the environment that lead to that specific ethnicity to have certain physical and mental features that are different and because of genetic similarity between people who are from the same ethnicity similar patterns of behavior would appear. the best example would be african americans or black people, due to the harsh conditions they had to put up with in africa and the intense labour they went through in order to cooperate with these conditions, they developed larger muscle mass which in order to do so had to develop more testosterone to create larger muscles and when there is higher testosterone than the person would be more aggressive. we see due to a biological difference we see a behavioral change compared to other ethnicities.


Ethnicity does not affect behavior.

I want to start off my beginning argument by letting you know that the way that you write makes it hard for me to understand what you're saying. Therefore, if I get something wrong (misread/get the wrong impression from what you say), please forgive me.

Your argument about black people being aggressive due to their abundance of testosterone only works in certain situations. I think that how you behave entirely depends on where you are brought up, not your ethnicity. This includes your environment around your peers (at school, for example), environment around your family, financial status, and more. Black people being aggressive in some situations is only due to their situation -- a white person, asian person, or person of any other ethnicity or race would be aggressive if they were put in the same place.

Let's say we put two black people in two different places -- one in an upper class neighborhood, one in poverty, In the poverty neighborhood, street fighting is more common than in the upper class neighborhood. Therefore, a person in poverty might be more aggressive because of the aggressive nature of the streets, while an upper class person who has not witnessed the same things as people in poverty could be much less aggressive.
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