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do video games cause violence ?

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Started: 2/10/2015 Category: Games
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in my argument i will persuade that video games are not violent as well as the light side of video game and i would also like to try
to practice my speech and debate skills as for the first time so i would like to try this challenge out
hello i would like to introduce myself my name is Andrew Calderon and i"m going to discuss do video games cause violence. first of all let me discuss about games have you ever played as the hero and fight the villain or played a high speed chase game that fueled you with excitement maybe you fought in war and saved the country or even the world and in these games that we personally love these people who say video games cause violence but i would love to disagree
about this in my topic.

i would like to make my first argument that youngsters confinement in united states of america
has been decreasing in violence in real life and has been increasing in violent video games
and the rate juvenile crime has been decreased by 71.9% between 1995 and 2008 the arrest rate for all juvenile violent crime has declined 49.3%. in the same time period video game sales have quadrupled in state statistics youth violence has been decreasing ever since then.
also to add on to the situation of this argument that this is a safe outlet of for anger and menacing emotions. a study has shown in 2007 that 45% of males play games to quote "it helps me get anger out"
and 62% says they play to relax so this would counter the idea that video games cause violence but this says that it helps reduce violence and angry emotions.
my friend said that if people play violent video games they might randomly become violent because they can"t distinguish reality and fantasy.but players are very aware. but players know very well what is the difference between these two which prevents them from emulating from video games.

and i would like to say is this the truth? yes very well this is a type of art that should be preserved and show how cultures are in a form of a disc that can be played by different people
also is it fair to all concerned? it is not fair to censor something that may help someone relax or just to help get anger out in a safe environment
will it build goodwill and better friendships?yes playing a good game with friends helps create goodwill or maybe online talking to people playing a game and just having fun
will it be beneficial to all concerned?it will be beneficial to those who play these games for fun.
in conclusion i would like to thank for listening to my topic of do video game cause violence.

my reference:


Video games cause violence. Some acts of violent crimes have been linked to violent games. Dr Mario Vance, a psychological researcher, says, "Mainstream media have never liked video games, but it's just getting silly lately," said Dr Vance. "Recently, several media sources focused on Aaron Alexis (the Washington naval yard gunman) and his enthusiasm for Call of Duty as a cause for his brutal crimes. Because when wondering what could have made a naval reservist, someone trained by the military to engage in actions with the express intention of killing people, turn to violence, the obvious conclusion is 'video games', apparently." The Dr found that after kids played aggressive video games that their violent behavior increased by 90%. Therefore video games cause violence.
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