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do you think my book on humans for genies and souls and spirits is true or fake ?

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Started: 3/12/2017 Category: Religion
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Do you think my book on humans for genies and souls and spirits who runs on understanding only is true or fake ?

My audio book is available on this url

Lets debate on truth of humans whether humans do whatever they have to do by spirits who gives feeling to them in there body or mind with which humans decides what to do ?


Your audiobook was fairly interesting. I applaud you for your provocative, inspiring book.
However, I disagree with the belief that the "human spirit" is what controls emotion. Instead, I will argue that it is chemical reactions in the brain which cause emotions like happiness, sorrow, and anger. To support this, I will use scientific articles, and provide links to diagrams explaining these chemical processes.
Debate Round No. 1


you didnt understood me correctly, if you have understood my holy book truth you must have understood about my belief and begining of spirit and god.

i will take an example of head to prove you how something is a spirit which gives you feeling to decide what you must do or what is happening with you. In your head a part of nerve small part like a very small dot starts gives you feeling after that small dot starts having feeling like you get pain. Now the small dot from where you get feeling of becoming nervous or having headache is actually a spirit. You might be saying it cannot be spirit because it is material of human but you need to understand about what spirits believes and what is spirit. spirits are not seen and not heard until you believe them to be true and whatever happens in reality of humans it happens in dream first by spirits. So if the small dot have feeling of headache or pain then that small dot had a spirit which is not seen or heard who brings feeling of headache or pain from dream to reality.

Bringing something from dream to reality for spirits is just using property of truth through believe.

If you say i am wrong find out what is spirit from every religion world scholar and ask them does spirit brings anything from dream into reality because if human have headache or pain in head then human will have headache or pain from complete head not just from small dot part of headache.

coming to my genius stability, spirits brings the small dot of feeling pain through getting believe from someone whom spirit believes and brings his understanding using believe to reality and that is why if you concentrate in your head how you got pain in head you will notice you had headache or pain from small part of head or nerve where spirit who is not seen located and when spirit is removed or his believe is finished then your headache becomes fine.

you cannot see or hear spirit but you can feel spirit and his body as the spirit shakes.

practically test it. i have practically tested it and original truth is very beautiful.


Limbic System: a system located in the brain composed of structures which translate ideas and stimuli into biochemicals that stimulate emotions

Neurotransmitters: chemicals that transmit messages and stimuli (S1)

What cause emotions? My opponent will argue that emotions are created from a spirit. I will argue that they're the result of chemical processes.

Emotions are stimulated by biochemical processes in the brain. The limbic system, located beneath the cerebrum on both sides of the thalamus, is composed of many structures that stimulate emotions. The primary structures include the amygdala, hippocampus, thalamus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia and cingulate gyrus. The limbic system essentially receives stimuli from other parts of the nervous system and secretes neurotransmitters as a response. The limbic system is responsible for things such as why we get emotional after watching cheesy chick-flicks, and why medical conditions such as high blood pressure are caused by mental stress (S2).

Experiences, thoughts and emotions are translated into chemical expressions (such as peptides, hormones and other neurotransmitters), or "codes" by our bodies, primarily the limbic system. These neurotransmitters include: dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline, acetylcholine, histamine, GABA, and glutamic acid. Some of these neurotransmitters may be recognizable such as dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin affects arousal, anxiety,m ood, impulse control, aggression and cognitive abilities. Serotonin plays a crucial role in regulating emotions. With a fair amount of it, we feel optimistic and happy. However, when there is a lack of serotonin, there can be depression and anxiety (S3). Dopamine plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior and happiness. Fun fact: addictive drugs such as heroin increase dopamine neuronal activity, which usually is why people get hooked on drugs in the first place (S4). Dopamine is usually released when we receive a good mark in school, or when we win a trophy in a sports competition, or when we watch a neat little cat video,or when we complete the campaign of Fallout Four. These neurotransmitters travel through the body's neuronal circuits to the spine, and then travel to the brain and become part of conscious awareness (S5).

All this seems very unreal and weird, yeah? In fact, this theory was utter boondoggle to most scientists before the late 1980s. In the late 1980s, a group of research scientists, including molecular biologist Candace Pert, neuroanatomist Miles Herkenham, and neuroscientist Francis Schmitt, began radically changing the scientific community's ideas of how emotions work. Since then, a wanton of other studies have been conducted and published, observing the brain activity and neurotransmitters, providing a great fortitude supporting these theories of how emotions work. Sociologists and neuroscientists Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari K. Hieten conducted a study where they observed body sensations associated with different emotions using a unique topographical self-report method. Participants were shown two silhouettes of bodies alongside emotional words, stories or movies, stimulating an emotional response. As shown in this image,, the body secretes certain biochemicals in response to emotional stimuli (S6).


Debate Round No. 2


i just want to know if science knows how everything comes into world ? from dream or it already exist from reality ? did science tested how everything happens in details, like testing how human mind reacts when listening to a voice and how human reacts, did science actually tested by just listening to a voice with part of mind, because voice is not material and human listens to only voice which can be just words which is non material and with non material part of mind cannot act which proves voice is like spirit for humans which forces human to act and human nerves or part of mind runs after listening to it.


i just want to know if science knows how everything comes into world ?

Science is systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation (S1). It is through research and experiments that we're able to compile information on our environment. For example, in 1911, Ernest Rutherford discovered the positively charged subatomic particle, the proton, and also found that the nucleus of an atom was densely packed and encompassed the most of an atom's mass. Rutherford performed many experiments to explore radioactivity. He later conducted an experiment where he discovered that the atom must have a concentrated positive center charge (S2) through what is famously known as the "Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment." Rutherford fired a beam of alpha particles through a wide variety of different foils such as aluminum, iron, lead and gold foil. He observed the location at which the alpha particles emitted from the foil. According to the plum pudding model of atoms, each particle would easily pass through by a particle. However, the experiment showed that there were a fair amount of particles that deflected slightly from the straight path. Rutherford came to the conclusion that the atom consisted of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons (S3).

did science tested how everything happens in details, like testing how human mind reacts when listening to a voice and how human reacts, did science actually tested by just listening to a voice with part of mind, because voice is not material and human listens to only voice which can be just words which is non material

While a person's voice isn't a material thing, it is sound, or wavelength, that is received by one's ears. These wavelengths are translated into chemical messages, or neural transmitters, that are then received in the brain. I recommend researching a wee bit about the nervous system and how the body receives stimuli like sound, taste and feel and translates them into chemical messages and such. It's very complicated and confusing, no doubt, but the nervous system has more leverage and evidence than the belief in spirits.


Debate Round No. 3


but science fails to find out about physical and material world like how the universe was formed, i am the only one who proofs how the universe is formed through my religion.

universe was a fake dream which became real by the believe of spirit of fake dream who is known as original god. You can easily identify how universe formation is fake dream because it will not end and it will not break and even if it is broken it joins automatically or fake dream continues to extend because its fake dream which has become real by the believe of original god.

if science is unable to proof how universe is formed then how science can be educated more then me. science is a small 1 day old for me.


The Big Bang Theory is one of the leading scientific theories explaining the creation of the universe. While we do not possess sophisticated enough tools and technology to literally peer back at the universe's birth, we can, through mathematical theories and models, provide evidence towards the Big Bang Theory.

Contrary to popular belief, the Big Bang was not an explosion. Instead, it is more like a balloon being inflated. The balloon starts small, and expands outward at the same speed all around. As puts it, our universe is like an infinitely expanding balloon.

There are many pieces of evidence which strongly support the Big Bang Theory:

1) The Red-Shift:
The Red-shift of light is evidence of the universe's expansion. Light travels to Earth from other galaxies.The distance between the Earth and the galaxy increases because of the Universe's expansion, causing the wavelength of that light to get longer. Similar to how, as stated by the Doppler Effect, sound waves experience a shift in frequency and wavelength towards the observer. This is not due to the sound itself changing, but the distance the observer is from the source of the sound. Similarly, light will have changed wavelengths and frequencies dependent on how far the observer, or Earth, is to the source of the light, or galaxy. We can also use Red-shifts to find the approximate age of the universe with the equation, (distance of a particular galaxy) / (that galaxy's velocity) = (time). Astrologists have concluded from this equation that the Earth is around fifteen billion years old.

2) Radiation in the Universe
According to the research center at Liverpool John Moore's University, "very early in its history, the whole Universe was very hot. As it expanded, this heat left behind a "glow" that fills the entire Universe. The Big Bang theory not only predicts that this glow should exist, but that it should be visible as microwaves - part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This is the Cosmic Microwave Background which has been accurately measured by orbiting detectors, and is very good evidence that the Big Bang theory is correct." To summarize, if the universe, when first created, was very hot, and expanded, it would leave behind microwaves. Astrologists, using orbiting detectors, have confirmed that there are microwaves all across the universe.

3) Primordial Gases
According to the Australia Telescope National Facility website, "Astronomers are able to measure the relative amounts of the light nuclei hydrogen, deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen with one proton and one neutron), helium-3, helium-4 and lithium-7 in distant, unmixed clouds of primordial gas. The relative abundances of these nuclei correspond with the calculated predicted ratios from the Big Bang model." As the universe formed, according to the Big Bang Theory, it created various elements. Scientists, using the Big Bang theory, have been able to predict existing elements and isotopes located in unmixed clouds of primordial gas.

I have a couple of questions for you: what evidence is there of your God's existence and what proof is there that your religion is true? Will you truly rely on non-scientific beliefs or holy scriptures nearly hundreds of years old? What is there to provide leverage to your religion and the existence of a soul? Is your belief in a soul based off of knowledge, or the lack of such? Do you simply believe in a God and religion simply because it conveniently answers all of the questions about the universe?
Debate Round No. 4


if big bang theory says there was an explosion then how explosion happened i mean where explosion happened, a material will have a beginning like the science says which is real and physical so if explosion is not dream and just an idea of genius then genius is fool because he doesnt tells where the explosion happened, where there is nothing there explosion cannot happen. if any genius says explosion happened outside universe and universe formed then what is outside universe ? what material it belongs to and how it is created.

my believe tells about everything in detail like how universe is a fake dream as it doesnt have any edges or nobody made it neither fake dream ends because everything is fake in fake dream and by the believe of anyone fake dream which become real can have anything if believe is perfect.

you can see my believe from my videos as my god calls me his son who is not of any religion but of my religion which is created by me and my DNA shines/Sweating shines/Earwax shines watch it in 1080p HD so videos are clearly seen for evidence

my believe is reproduced from my god whom i call as original god of whom i have shown history through my holy book truth which is available in hindi/urdu mixed and text of holy book in hindi/urdu/roman english available at

just ask yourself or from history makers did they ever found in hundreds or thousands or millions or billions of years anyone with DNA shining like mine ? from which my kids will be born who will be of my generation and will be grand children of my original god whom i call papa.

i dont just tell i practically test and talk because i prove original truth but not just fake truth which can be changed by some new truth.


Throughout the course of this debate, you have made claims, yet failed to provide evidence or rational reasoning behind them.

In round two, you provide an argument with no evidence or reasoning.
In round three, you question the credibility of science, yet provide weak reasoning behind it.
In round four, you continue with your questioning of science, and again fail to provide any sort of leverage towards this.
In round five, not only do you clearly show that you didn't read my argument in round four, but you go on a rant about how your DNA "shines" and such.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
I wish Yo-kai Watch were in real life. Then real spirits would cause real problems. Then, some kid with a watch would fight these spirits by summoning ones he befriended. Also, you can only see these spirits with the Yo-kai Watch.
Posted by CosmoJarvis 3 years ago
Your book was pretty neat. Great work.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro claims that spirits cause a dot's reaction and stuff, and the dot has a spirit. I'm not sure what he's going on about. "spirits are not seen and not heard until you believe them to be true" Sorry Ahmed, but that's a horrid argument. If we don't believe they exist, so they don't exist, then they don't exist, making this a concession (admitting the other side's correct) of sorts. Pro never proves spirits do exist, only making claims. Con explains that it's really a bunch of chemical reactions, also explaining any doubts Pro has about science. Basically, minus the off topic DNA shiny, a lot of Pro's arguments ARE Con's arguments and responses, but Pro says 'spirits', while Con proves 'science'. Since Con showed chemical reactions are the cause, Arguments to him. Pro had bad grammar, making it hard to understand him, so S&G to Con. Pro leaves many arguments unsourced, and said to research ourselves, while Con brought sources, so Sources to Con. Both had good Conduct.

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