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does US government lie about marijuana

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Started: 5/16/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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recently i found out no one has ever died on marijuana, and in the 1930's we were told its the most cancerous causing substance .but we use it to fight cancer today. i also learned it can help secrete chemicals in the brain. then were also told it kills brain cells and lowers iq. but if it did we would die from it, and everyone i know that does smoke seems very insightful creative also good with puzzles. and in the 40's or 50's propaganda in shows makes us have a murderous crave and causes violence. but then every one seems peaceful. and does int alcohol cause rape violence and ignorance. i hope to be proved wrong in some way iam not seeing. and hope my government is not retarded


Marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug. It is a type of drug. All drugs cause a physical and psychological effect on a person which is why they are illegal. So yes, it may kill brain cells resulting to a person to have low concentration and focus and leading them to fail in academics (lowering IQ). And yes the brain is able to secrete chemicals causing the 'high' effects of a drug since it affects the sensory and perception part of the brain. But the reason why Marijuana seems to be an exception is because people are considering the benefits of Marijuana (such as being able to cure cancer). However, if Marijuana does become legal, it would mean many other 'normal' people (who dont have cancer let's say) would have access to the drug that they dont need.

There are also more ways than one in which a person can take in Marijuana. For example, literally making brownies (then it becomes even more potent) out of the resin, or smoking, or through 'bong'. This is definitely going to kill you because it is not prescribed by the professionals and no one really knows how strong it can be in comparison to the 'legal' Marijuana where doctors have full control of the drug through pills and injections.

Everyone 'seems' peaceful but they're actually dying inside. It's the drug that is giving them the side effect of temporary happiness :) (which is why people get addicted).

If you're ever thinking of trying drugs, dont. Because after the side effect, they say that the feeling of crashing back to reality is excruciatingly painful.

P.S. is this a debate? or a discussion?

Debate Round No. 1


well no marijuana is not a halucegenic. nobody see's imagineary people when smokeing weed. ive found studys showing that nomatter how heavy the user it does not effect iq. when columbus came to america the native were stil in a caveman state smoking tabacco. in europe and asia weve ben smokeing hemp and thats what led to rope paper and futher advancements in math/ science. and being peacefull because there dieing doesint make sence. people usually smoke because there dieing and whant to feel good.


Marijuana is not called hallucinogenic because it makes people see other imaginary people XD It's called hallucinogenic because it alters your mind and ways of perceiving things. So it can cause people to hallucinate as another side-effect. And what do you mean by 'nomatter how heavy the user it does not effect iq.'? Are you talking about the weight of a person? or the heaviness of a drug? Either way, it might not affect IQ directly but it can cause the person to do things that lowers their intelligence capacity like losing focus and concentration.

How are the natives related to this? I say if cavemen smoked tobacco let them. Yes it led to further advancements because people use it and it developed over time as all things develop when used commonly.

I'd like to believe that everyone is dying. You are dying right now and I am too. It's just that some people live longer than others before they die. People smoke to relieve stress and 'let it out' so yeah they do it to want to feel good. But for the same reason, people use drugs. For example, Cocaine or Ecstasy, they as drugs serve as a form of 'escape' from reality to people. Drug isnt bad. It just depends on how someone uses it, like drug abuse and misuse.
Debate Round No. 2


what i meant was no matter how much you smoke. almost all the chemicals in marijuana can be found naturally in your body/brain. So in a sense your becoming smarter brain power on brain. So you do perceive the world differently lets you notice things easier. Its not a complete myth you loose concentration when stoned. first time users are always caught up in the moment of there thinking because they don't have a great tolerance. but after a few times people smoke to concentrate easier, like in math class because math is easier to understand when high.

Nobody gets addicted to marijuana it has no withdraws. the government can say its highly addictive because,in the last decade most arrest were simply for possession of marijuana. And are given a chose to go to rehab or jail witch would you choose, and say its addictive. thats more than the population of a couple of states combined.

again does not kill brain cells if it did people would be able to die off it. like i said earlier the chemicals in marijuana are found in the brain. can your brain kill itself.


There are tons of chemicals inside us but there is no proof that chemicals in smoking already exists in our bodies? THC only looks similar to a chemical in our brain but our body does not make THC. \ Yes there are some drugs that make our brains more 'powerful' but that is just for a moment. And perceiving the world differently means you dont see things in a realistical sense nor a logical way. You start to become emotional or possessive or very angry and you start losing control of your own feelings. Yes it's not a myth because it's true, you do lose focus and concentration.

It says here, "in New Zealand showed that people who began smoking marijuana heavily in their teens lost an average of 8 points in IQ between age 13 and age 38." So Marijuana, a drug, obviously does have an effect on the minds of young adults.

And by having low tolerance for first time user's, are you actually implying that they must take in even more to attain a higher tolerance for a drug? Would you really like to live a life full of momentary happiness? Everything should be taken in moderation and the rest shouold let the nature do its course. And what are you talking about? The brain is responsible for all our Nervous System. Anything going wrong there, can kill us and ultimately itself at the end. It's just a cycle of self-distruction. Marijuana is a drug. It is an illicit drug. And shouold only be used for recreational purposes.

Debate Round No. 3


i said almost all the chemicals people know THC is not in the body. your perception is not changed your more open while on it. interesting fact THC has been proven to protect brain cells and reduce alcohol induced brain damage. most things you can be on still lets you see things realistically and logically (except alcohol). anybody that been around anyone that smokes weed you can tell that what ever problems they have they just let it go and, forgive who ever there angry at. ask them for a dollar they'll give it to you and say buy something nice. i don't recognize what your talking about emotional possessive angry (sounds like booze). IQ dropped 8 points is a myth are you supposed to record these peoples iq before they have smoked. have them illegally smoke weed then record there iq again. I also like how you put a government lied facts link when this debate is about the government lying to us. anyone that's smart enough can argue weed is not a drug because its a plant that grows, and drugs have to be man made (like heroin meth booze). i personally think anything can be counted as a drug even newspaper because if you light it it will have effects. it does int give you a momentary happiness it makes you feel good for awhile otherwise whats the point.

again it does not kill brain cells THC proven to help protect brain. if it could kill brain cells people can overdose and die. don't bother with the monkey video that monkey was int given oxygen and that killed its brain cells when given pure weed. that youtube video proves drunks are only good for looking sober and stoners are smarter

the government controls the media so there going to keep putting things up showing smokers are loosers. but remember the tv is not real. in reality celebrity's smoke and therapist do and some of the smartest scientist in real life (i ask if you do your own research) even presidents have.

the government still says its more dangerous to operate anything stoned and put up fake results from fake test in reality driving stoned dosint make you drive sloppy like a drunk real studys put on by people show smokers drive safer and get into less accidents then when someones drunk.


What do you mean by open while on it? Yes they just let it go while on their 'high' moment but it is proven that their problems get worse. Wouldnt you like to forgive someone when your mind is sane and sober than when you're fake happy? They're just overlapping their reality problems with even more. And no it is not a myth, it was tested and proven as if you have read it says a long-term study. I got it from a website called National Institute on Drug Abuse where they find real facts about the effects of drugs. What do you mean by drugs have to be man-made? All the resources come from nature. And only depends on how a person uses it.

Momentary happiness means 'feeling good for a while'. You only repeated what I said. But being 'high' means sooner or later they're bound to crash back to the painful side of reality. This is why people get addicted as they dont want to accept or face their problems. They go into chain-smoking which is is also Drug Abuse.

Marijuana contains THC which is a psychoactive chemical. It is a drug that has effects on the brain. It overactivates the brain and for a moment a person can maybe be smarter but it will affect the memory and thinking on the long run. This is permanent damage for life.

If you want to argue if alcohol is worse than drugs, I say they equally should be avoided. You say smoker but are you even referring to the people who smoke Marijuana? or the normal cigarette?

I think it all depends on how much a person assimilated the substance. For example a person who drank 2 bottles of strong liquor can be more affected than a person who inhaled Marijuana once. Thus causing more accidents.
Debate Round No. 4


your'e talking about marijuana. But your describeing heroin and alcohol. there still in reality or they wouldint be able to operate. and there still able to recall what they did and feel good about their choses. get your'e facts right. the government says it has no medical use horse crap. scientist in universitys all over(nongovernment controled) Are saying marijuana can solve almost every sickness.

the reason marijuana is illegal because it poses a threat to the illuminati who secretly run this country(i ask if do your own research) part of what they control is media, transportation companies, oil. Anyone can agree tv is a powerful socological tool its what you see and hear. you can make whole vehicles out of hemp. and it can be used to make cleaner oil. it offers peace thats not killing us for cheaper compared to what there offering that kills us. legal drugs can kill us easier and make us retarded, and still make feel good. hemp doesn't kill anyone make you feel more open, like if you walk into class high you feel like you got it know all that your told before a test. they got perfect reason to lie to us to achieve new world order. and aim going to stop because i don't want to die.


1. Marijuana itself isnt bad. It’s how many people abuse it that is.Marijuana or any drug, as I have mentioned, is never bad in itself. Just like how a gun or a bullet itself isn’t bad but it becomes a pernicious weapon depending on how people use it that can lead to murder.
2. All drugs don’t only affect one person; it can influence others around him or her.This 31 year old guy started using Marijuana and ended up being addicted which influenced his little brother and best friend to do the same. It killed them because they just didnt have the same tolerance level as he did. Not only was his brain damaged, he lost his family and then became homeless too. So no, Marijuana does not always benefit a person.

3. This drug has effects on the brain, like any other drug.You cannot deny the fact that Weed, Hemp, or Hash contains a chemical that reaches our brain. The chemical, known as THC, over activates the part of our brain responsible for memory, hearing, sight, and perception. It can lead to a person becoming ‘smarter’ while the drug is still in effect but when that is over, it causes other dangerous side effects such as trouble understanding or remembering, increased heart rate leading to panic and anxiety, depression, infections such as sinusitis or bronchitis from overuse of the bong. Imagine the drug always having to pass the nose and throat constantly for the chronic users.

4. Marijuana should only be used for medical purposes. Doctors simply can be trusted to use the drug in a good way.

5. Not all forms of media are regulated by the government. The government who has the responsibility of protecting the citizens does not control, but has a right to regulate the media. However, not all forms of media are regulated by the government (such as the internet). The only reason why the radio and television are said to need a license is because 'according to American law, the public owns the airwaves.' (which the television and radio is contingent on). The media may not always be right but it has to have gotten their facts somewhere it deems true.

1. People use drugs.
2. Some people feel the side effects.
3. Changes in the daily life of the person.
4. Pictures and evidences posted online.
5. Media sees it.
6. Media portrays it.

For my rebuttals:

1. and there still able to recall what they did and feel good about their choses.’ This is a blatant fallacy. It does not mean that if people do not regret doing something then that something isn’t bad. For example, I don’t regret killing this person who hurt my friend, but that doesn’t mean the killing I did wasnt wrong. And if all the people felt good about their choices and all choices brought good results, there would be no rehabilitation centers to help people cope with their life without drugs. More people have admitted to feeling better after disassociating themselves with drugs than when they did.

2. legal drugs can kill us easier and make us retarded, and still make feel good.’ Legal drugs without prescription can kill us because they are still drugs and without permission to use them, it would be Drug Misuse. For example, painkillers and sleeping pills are very well legal. But imagine if a person took one bottle of the pill. That’s a suicide attempt. Legal drugs are no better than illegal drugs depending on the user.

3. ‘Nobody gets addicted to marijuana it has no withdraws.’ Two very very obvious errors. First, some people get addicted which is why there are chronic Marijuana users. Others might call it dependence. Though again, a same amount can have completely different effects on different people. Second, please do not expect yourself to be well and in good shape after using this drug for years and all of a sudden trying to stop. There are withdraws such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and agitation to say the least.


And with all these arguments presented, I urge the people to vote for Con.

Debate Round No. 5
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by That-guy101 7 years ago
So what if weed causes those side effects, shrooms have been proven to make new brain cells and treat(pretty much cure with the correct dosage) depression and addiction. So I say legalize them both for medical purposes.

This world would work so much better if it just understood the one word MODERATION!!!
Posted by wiseman557 7 years ago
well DAVCACTUS made great debate but. anyone that has ben around people that toke can tell that its not what the government says it is. they are lying. jangawonder you seem new to the idea. but there hundreds of us what we call wakeing up your spot on about the illuminati and weed. you should learn more about this and do another debate. they could also be lying to us because of stoned ape theory and if we evolve to quickly it could be a problem.
Posted by Cowmaneater 7 years ago
So the governments anti marijuana propaganda is a lie but the pro marijuana propaganda dispensed on places like twitter isn't? Not a single death due to overdose but what about death because you were stoned. Deaths by drunk driving are counted as towards motor vehicle accidents as cause of death not alcohol so that may be very well the same with marijuana. According to American Psychiatric Association it is possible to be come addicted to cannabis and there are withdraw symptoms associated with it( Although i still think it should be legalized along with other drugs as i do believe in self ownership and the ability to do what you want with your body if it doesn't harm anyone else but at the same time marijuana is hardly the miracle drug people make it out to be.
Posted by jangawonder 7 years ago
said by who again oh ya the government. pull facts from other people
Posted by DAVCACTUS 7 years ago

this is a health website of Marijuana causing withdrawal symptoms. And so yes people do get addicted. After all, it is a drug.
Posted by jangawonder 7 years ago
yes a bit of both. i noticed what i did at the end i was running late for class. i was going to say marijuana has no withdraws.
Posted by DAVCACTUS 7 years ago
I forgot to answer the question, no, they cant lie about Marijuana and they have no reason to.
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Vote Placed by wiseman557 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
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Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: they can't prove one case of what there saying
Vote Placed by whiteflame 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
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Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: Claims, claims everywhere! Guys, I literally could have skipped over the first two rounds without reading anything and ended up in the same position. Pro, if you're going to claim that the government is lying to us, you need to support that with evidence. The first "evidence" you post is in R4, and it's a youtube video, followed by 2 other pieces of "proof" that are both similarly highly biased. YOU NEED EVIDENCE. You're making a claim here that needs more than just your assertions to prove true. I need to see an instance where the government stated something that was obviously untrue at the time it was said about marijuana, and then a link to a study showing how wrong they were. I never saw that. Con doesn't give me much more, with his first link coming in R3 and his best supported and most reasonable arguments all come in R5, too late for me to consider them. Thankfully for him, Pro doesn't uphold his burden. Thus, I vote Con. I also give Con S&G due to some terrible typing from Pro.

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