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does drawing/art help with sadness

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Started: 4/9/2018 Category: Arts
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I want to know what you think about if Art/ Drawing helps people with sadness, cause it sure does for me.


I love art, its one of the things I wish I was really good. Though unfortunately for me, it doesn't really help unless I'm observing it because of my perfectionist nature.
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Posted by Duke1990 3 years ago
Yes, any form of hobby assists humans with sadness. Hobbies are interests that we like, when we do something that interests us it produces hormones that enact happiness. Please note there are limitations, which is outlined at the end.

Two sorts of hormones can potentially be released while taking up a hobby such as Art;

1. Serotonin: Hobbies create happy memories, and when you think happy thoughts it releases the serotonin hormone. Which is the hormone responsible for happiness.

2.Dopamine: People might have goals they would like to achieve for the hobbies they undertake; reaching goals releases dopamine; as it offers sanctification. Please note that dopamine is usually associated with exercise.

However your sadness can not be resolved through hobbies, for example art. The hobby is only temporary fix, sadness is hard to tackle, you are the keeper of your own mind.

I personally struggle with my own sadness due to a number of factors, but i am tackling my problems by confronting them and analysing the situation. It is never easy....but i will do it, but you must find out your own path.
Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
It's an interesting debate topic. It's a different twist on the whole "does art imitate life, or vise versa" debate. Good luck either way.
Posted by cookiesandcreams 3 years ago
I believe that arts are able to help us with sadness. Even though we might not be good at it, art help us to express and forget about our sadness. I sometimes draw when I'm sad too. It vent my sadness out and make me feel happier than before!
Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
No, but sadness helps with art!!!
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