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dogs are better than cats

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Started: 10/14/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Dogs are better than cats. Why? firstly, dogs can help us by guiding the blind, helping police and be our friends. They have sensitive noses too. They are also cute animals from bull dogs to chiwawas, who are loyal and understand our feelings. They can sacrifice their lives for their owners, and are "man's best friends". They are very touching animals and help us a lot.


Cats are better than dogs, why? Well cats are not nearly as messy as dogs, and they enjoy to snuggle with you, such as when you are reading a book they will curl up on your lap. Big dogs cant curl up on your lap, and they can destroy furniture way easier than cats. Cats are less expensive to feed, and they have cute little whiskers. Dogs drool, cats don't so you can see why Cats are better that dogs.
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