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dogs should be classified as rodents

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Started: 1/17/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Dogs should be classified as rodents and not mammals. Now, you may think I'm crazy, but I have evidence that they are falsely labeled mammals.
First off, they are sneaky little Lucifer spawns. For example, you might be making a pizza and lets say you have to take a bathroom break. So you go to the loo and go about your business and you're just enjoying the thought of you soon eating a delicious slice of warm, crisp pizza. Then you go into the kitchen and see your nasty dingo chomping down
your food. I personally have experienced this, and I have firsthand experienced feeling that dogs are a disgrace to the mammal kingdom, and especially the human race. How could Aristotle put those disgusting creatures in the same classification as humans?



Just so you know, before we begin, rodents are a type of mammal.

It would be nice if dogs could be classified as rodents. Unfortunately, they cannot, because animal classification is based on certain traits which an animal has. Rodents are small, with whiskers, and so on. Mice are rodents, as are rats, and squirrels. The largest known rodent is the capybara, which can grow to the size of a dog. While a simpleton like you may think that animals can be grouped according to character traits, animal classification is actually a very labor intensive process which is crucial to the understanding of the animal kingdom. Dogs cannot be classified as rodents because they are not rodents.

I do not like dogs. They are stupid, they bark too much, they poop too much, and they're a whole lot meaner than cats. But they cannot be classified as rodents. Aristotle did not put them in the same group as us. We are primates, they are not primates. We are not very well related to them, but they are not very well related to mice. And, just so you know, when classifying animals, scientists do not include "Sneakiness" as a deciding factor.

I await your next argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Just so YOU know, rodents are NOT mammals. Rodets are things like mice, rats, and chinchillas!
I thank you for waiting so patiently.
Alrighty lets get it going. Dogs can in fact be clasified as rodents. There are lots of dogs that are small and if you think about it they are small compared to us mammals such as wooly mammoths, elephants, and zebras. Dogs also have whiskers, silly pants. Another charecteristic that dogs have that qualify them for the rodent family is the incisors.

I here do like dogs, although I firmly believe that they are in fact disgusting rodents. They can be very smart creatures and uh what a simpleton you are thinking all dogs are meaner than cats. What kind of nitwit says that!
Excuse me lol I meant to say Steven Hawkins, not Aristotle! Im unsure of how I could have mistaken the first man to land on the moon for a rodent expert. Silly goose Telly!

To counterclaim that "we are not very well related tp them, but they are not very well related to mice" goofiness; we are related to apes and chimps and such, they are related to things like lions, tigers, and leoperds, and they are related to sea lions, who are related to algae, who are related to frogs, who are related to toads who are related tp grasshoppers, who are related to mice, who are related to kittens, who are related to momma cats who are related to puppies, who are related to dogs! Just tell me if you need me to explain the family tree a bit more, it sure was a handful to type.
One more thing here. You said sneakiness is not a deciding factor in classifying animals, but scientists classify animals based on charachteristics and uhmm sneakiness is a charachteristic.
YOu are such a fun debate dude!


Rodents ARE mammals. mammals are animals with fur who have birth without eggs and nurse their young. Rodents easily fit into all three categories. MAMMAL is a CLASS, RODENT is an ORDER. As you can see, on the top line of this Wikipedia articcle, it states that "Rodents (from Latin rodere, "to gnaw") are mammals of the order Rodentia."

Rodents are absolutely mammals. They're not insects, or birds, or fish. Mice are by all means mammals. So are rats, and chinchillas, and capybaras. They're rodents and mammals. Your ignorant mind clearly can't absorb easy things like that.

Dogs cannot be classified as rodents. They have already been classified as something different, and we are not going to reclassify them simply because you think we ought to. They are part of the genus Canis.

They have whiskers, and incisors, and they're pretty small. But we do not just classify animals based on outward appearance. We also classify them on a number of other factors, such as bone structure, internal organs, DNA structure, cell structure, size, and relatives. Where we place them on the animal chart all depends on what animal they're most closely related to, and they're more related to wolves than to mice. We have a comprehensive animal family tree constructed, to place dogs where they do not belong would be confusing. Your classification of dogs would, perhaps, be acceptable in Medieval England, where tomatoes were considered poisonous even though they weren't. Your classification would NOT be acceptable in the modern era.

Many animals have incisors. We have four incisors. Rodents must have LARGE incisors that continuously grow. Dog incisors stay at a relatively normal size.

Many dogs are small. Many dogs are big. There are big fish and small fish, but just because a fish is small does not mean it is a shrimp, it is still a fish. Some dogs can reach a massive height. You misspelled "Characteristic". And why do you bring woolly mammoths into this? They seem random and irrelevant. You do know they're extinct, right?

That article you posted SAYS they're mammals. Please, only post articles which help YOUR claim.

I do not like dogs. They poop, they bite, they bark. However, That is not the topic of this debate, so I will not go much into it, but it is only an opinion that they are "Man's best friend". They come from wolves, and wolves are savage creatures not meant to be kept in a civilized home. Cats don't make loud noises, they don't bite, and they poop in a litter box. Anyway, I'll get back on track...

Stephen Hawking's field of science was not to classify animals, he talks about space and AI. Aristotle was not the first man to land on the moon. He was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist. You are an idiot.

Now, I'll point out some flaws in your fake family tree.

Dogs are not near lions or tigers, they are the ancestors of cats.

Sea lions are nothing like lions.

Sea lions are nothing like algae, algae is a plant.

algae and frogs are only related habitually, but not genetically.

Toads are amphibians, Grasshoppers are insects.

Grasshoppers are insects, Mice are rodents.

Mice are rodents. Kittens are not rodents.

Kittens and "momma cats" are the same species.

Momma cats are not related to puppies, one is a cat, the other is a dog.

Puppies are baby dogs.

Sneakiness is not an ELIGIBLE characteristic used in the classification of animals.

You stupid fool.
Debate Round No. 2


How can somebody be so stupid. sure rodents have fur on their bodies, but like mice don't have fur on their tails. so they aren't mammals. they're rodents. idiot. not mammals cause they ant covered in hair. I don't do wikipedia, only wikihow.
ps. an order is an authoritative command, direction, or instruction. stop going off track.
tomatoes are poisonous you nugget. what do you think all that liquid inside of them is from? that's the result of harmful chemical reactions.
a shrimp is a fish you're so animal racist.
Stephen Hawkins and Aristotle came to my school to tell us about science when I was in 3rd grade, think I would know their fields since I shook their hands myself.
ill tell you why you're Wong about my family tree. my REAL family tree that you're jus too dumb to even begin to understand.

dogs and the big cats are big, fluffy, and cute. related.
sea lions and lions are just like hence the reason they have lion in the names.
sea lions and algae thrive in water.
algae and frogs thrive in water.
grasshoppers and mice are small. cats and mice have play dates. Jerry you know?
momma cats and kitties are very different, kittens are fresh out of the womb so.
momma cats and puppies are cute fuzzy pets. related.
you are so rude to be calling me a stupid fool. I'm only stating obvious facts that I see from really absorbing the world around me.
dogs are rodents. why are you ttreating it like its just my opinion?


The outright idiocy of the internet never fails to amaze and astound me. You guys always have something new cooked up. I think I'm going to win. I might not. But I highly doubt it.

Mice are covered in hair, and they are mammals. You could potentially argue, sir, that dogs deserve to be classified as rodents since both of them are mammals. THAT would be a good argument. That would be somewhat valid. It's about all they have in common. But no. You refuse to accept that rodents are mammals. They are mammals. They don't have fur on their tails, or their tail fur might be microscopic. But they are absolutely mammals. They have fur, and they give live birth, and they nurse their young. All three of those qualifications make them mammals.

You only use wikihow, not wikipedia? What do you MEAN by that? They're for different things, and you can't call my source invalid just because it's on a website you don't like!

Tomatoes are not poisonous, but medieval European nobility thought they were and refused to eat them, and only starving peasants ate them, and discovered that they were fine. There are no dangerous chemical reactions going on inside a tomato. Tomatoes are mostly water. They're delicious. Here's an article about them. I know you hate Wikipedia, but it'll have to do.

Again, you are wrong about shrimp. Shrimp are crustaceans, fish are fish. This isn't hard to understand, not everything in the ocean is a fish. Anemones are not fish. Whales aren't fish. Whales are mammals. This is so, so easy. And you;re making it so, so hard.

Still, very fun debate.

Stephen Hawking might have come to your school, he makes public appearances pretty often, and talks about space and artificial intelligence with his little computer voice. I'll buy that. But don't tell me ARISTOTLE came to your school. He died over two thousand years ago. He could not have come to your school. That is an undeniable fact and to deny it would be incredibly foolish, considering you're about to lose.

Your FAKE family tree is, indeed, WONG. It uses kindergarten level thinking. A scientist would never begin to look at it. It's truly bizarre and ridiculous.

Two animals are not just related because they're big and fluffy, they have to share common relatives and DNA. Dogs and cats share very little in common.

Two animals with the same name are not necessarily related. Lions are mammals. Sea lions are mammals, but they're sea mammals. Just because they have the same name does not mean they're related, they're barely related. Sea lions are more like porpoises or whales, they're not cats. For gosh sakes, how stupid can you be?

Sea lions are ANIMALS. Algae are PLANTS. They're about as far away as you can get, and they both thrive in water, but many things thrive in water.

Algae is a PLANT. Frogs are CRUSTACEANS.


Grasshoppers are INSECTS. Mice are MAMMALS. Cats and mice do not have fun like in the #$#@@#$%%! Cartoons, CATS KILL MICE AND SWALLOW THEM YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP TO THE GRUESOME REALITIES OF LIFE

Momma cats and kittens are different ages, but the same species. Momma cats were kittens at one point, too.

Momma cats and puppies, again, are different species.

I am treating it like it's only your opinion. It is an opinion, it is not true. It's not even an opinion, just a blatant lie. Show me an article about how they're PLANNING to reclassify dogs as rodents, or an article by a leading scientist about why they SHOULD. That's the only way you can win at this point. I'm waiting.
Debate Round No. 3


Youre reslly grindning my gears here bub.
mice are NOT COVERED in hair. look at them. touch the tai. does their tail not count as a part if their body? because they have bald tails. which ARE part of the mouse body.

i MEAN i only use wikihow and not wikipedia because i learned at school that wikipedia is not always a credible source. So the info youre providing may be invalid. I dont hate wikipedia, but it defiaantly sucks.
idk why u keep bringi ng up the the mobility europeans because they were just part of a myth. i love tomatoes too though!!
shrimp may be a crustation but theyre part of the seafood family, which is anything from a body of water that you eat, but yeah theyre all the same thing. shrimp are fish vrab is fsh, seaweed is fish. so basically all seafoood is called "fish".Also fyi, anemones are just anemic fish. whales are enlarged fish. theyre seafood, fish, NOT MAMMALS. this IS so easy and i dont know why youre making it soo hard. you act like youre such expert on the world but you cant get these simple facts right?
Aristolt and stehpen hawkings are very good friends and have worked together many times as theyre both scientistific people. you are very indesicive to whoo you think will lose the debate. you are just to let you know. you look so deep into everything that you cant just understand the basic principles of science. and just to let you know ive got a degree in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science, and also earth science and ive been well taught from my teachers. theyre al experts!
my family tree is wong? stop trying to bring the china peple into this. do you think they care about a debate with some wisecracker trying to troll the internet? they dont so stop. please.
kindergarten level thinking? frogs are amphibeans you nutcracker!!!!! ill let that one slide because im sure that was just a lil accident but you need to be on your toes for a debate against a kid with 9 science degrees, get your head in the game and do a bit f research before you go making silly claims.
i never said that the scientist are really going to reclassify dogs, but i spoke with my nasa team about it and were havily considering a meeting with stephen because hes like the father of animal classifiaation.


Ah, I thought you had given up, but I'm glad you didn't. This debate is a fine example of just how idiotic a person can be when they stubbornly refuse to accept clearly set facts or logical new perspectives. You, sir, do not understand things, you do not understand the world in which you live, or the rules which have been set up, the biological rules, the rules of life, they've been put there generations before your time, and you can't twist the classifications of animals around without giving a good reason for doing so. Why do you persist like this? I'm not even saying dogs SHOULDN'T be reclassified as rodents, I'm simply saying that RODENTS are MAMMALS. That's a fact, and it doesn't contradict with your argument in any way, but you keep denying it.

The above, sir, is an image of a mouse. It is a MAMMAL because it has fur. Rodents do not belong to a separate distinction simply because they have bare tails, in fact, if you look closely at the image, you can see tiny little bristles along the tail. They have some hair there. mammals do not have hair everywhere on their bodies. WE are mammals, but we don't have hair on our faces. Still, we are considered MAMMALS, because we have hair, we give live birth, and we nurse our young. This is not rocket science, nor is it airplane science, or car science, or bike science, or even little red wagon science. This is clear cut and to deny facts is to deny the existence of the universe. You can't keep going on like this. MICE ARE MAMMALS.

Wikihow is just as unreliable as Wikipedia, it is made by the same people as Wikipedia, and both are edited by people who often get facts wrong. Even so, using Wikihow to learn science is illogical, because Wikihow and Wikipedia are used for different reasons. Wikipedia is a depository of knowledge, Wikihow is a how to guide. You can't learn things if you only look at Wikihow. Also, Wikipedia has strict rules as to how it can be edited, and it takes out any editing that does not use evidence. Since you deny Wikipedia as a legitimate source, here are some OTHER articles which say what I've been trying to say all along, that RODENTS are a type of MAMMAL.

And if you can't accept those, then you're a lout.

The middle ages are not a myth, they were an actual part of history. You should learn more things.
Never mind the tomato thing, I was using that as part of a simile.

Shrimp are a crustacean, and they are not very related to fish. You can't classify everything that lives in the ocean into one group! The ocean has just as many diverse species as the land, and there are animals, plants, and bacteria down there. They don't all just belong to one group called "seafood." That's like classifying Chickens, Cows, and Pigs into one group, called "All you can eat buffet". That's not how animal classification works, you little troll. Shrimp are not fish, Crabs are not fish. SEAWEED IS NOT FISH SEAWEED IS A PLANT OH MY GOD HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET WHY DID I EVER ACCEPT THIS DEBATE OH THE AGONY

Whales are not fish! They are MAMMALS! That's kindergarten level animal classification! They breathe air, they have hair, they have live young, and they nurse their young. This is so easy and you're making it SO, SO hard. Why do you do this? Why? Why can't you accept that things are not the way you thought they were?


You say you're smart. Why don't you know basic grammar?

Aristotle and Stephen Hawking lived roughly two thousand years apart, Aristotle has been dead for two thousand years. Stephen Hawking is a guy in a wheelchair with a robot voice. They're not connected in any way. Aristotle was a philosopher and a biologist in Ancient Greece. Stephen Hawking is a modern day astrophysicist. You can't connect the two just because they're both scientists, that's as ridiculous as classifying all the animals in the ocean into the same group.

I can see you having only gone through 8th grade science. I can see you've never been to college, or even high school. That's clear. And you're not an employee of NASA. Nor are you a scientist in any way. You're a dolt.

I never brought up the China people. And yes, your family tree is very "wong".

Frogs are amphibians. Good job on saying one thing right.

Stephen Hawking is not the father of animal classification and it is not NASA's job to classify animals. They study outer space. You don't know anything.

I'm going to win, I think. One round left. Better make it good, or I've got this debate won, hook, line, and sinker.
Debate Round No. 4


The biggest thing arislote taught me when he visitied my scchool, accompanied by his close friend steven hawkins, is to never give up on the idiots who dont undersrtant basic science. im a part of the new generation and all we can do is try to reteach the stupid elders and teach the kids younger than us to be intelligent, kind young folk. people like YOU are ruining thw world.
im not even clicking that link. ive seen a mouse. in real life! it ran across my darn kithen while i was eating cereal. live action. in real life. with my OWN eyes. you say mice have hair on their tales, and you also call their tail hairs bristles. you silly crustacean dont you see? our teoth brushers have bristles. and youre saying mice have bristles on theyre tales? youre confusing yourself, man. they have not got 'bristles' on their tais.
chickens, cows, and pigs are classified as the meats". not "all you can eat cafe". that sounds stupid.
im a actually working past the 8th grade science level. im much older nowadqays. im in fact a nasa scientist. we do a lot more than you think. ilumminats are working with us in the future too.
for shrimp sake stop talking about the Wongs, they had nothing to do with this debate until you tagged them.
I really am confused as to how you cant comprehend that rodents are rodents, mammals are mammals. What grade wherre you in when you droped out? Youre going down stinker. be ready to lose.


Oh, man. NOW you've really gone past the limits of logic. I knew it, sir, all along, that the last round would be something to remember. here we go. Feel free to send me a rematch for this debate any time you want to. Your debates are some of the stupidest I've encountered in a long time. Thanks for hours and hours of entertainment. Here we go. I hope I can make it.

"arislote" and "steven hawkins" are not close friends, they have never met each other. It would be nice if they were friends. I'll admit that. They have very conflicting personalities, so it would be fun to see them buddy up like a scientific version of Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. Sadly, they never will meet. Aristotle died TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO.

People like ME are not ruining the world, trolls like YOU are ruining the world by thinking up dumb stuff like this. Elders are not stupid and you're not teaching any younger kids to be "intelligent, kind young folk" if you feed them blatant lies. You're teaching them to be weirdos who don't understand animals or the world around them.

I'm sure you've seen a mouse, so you should remember how hairy it was, and how its tail had tiny little bristles on it. "Bristle," according to Google, means "A short stiff hair, typically one of those on an animal's skin, a man's face, or a plant." The things on a toothbrush are bristles. So are the things on a mouse's tail. The tail doesn't really matter, all that matters is that mice have hair. They're a SMALL GROUP within THE BIGGER GROUP OF MAMMALS. Didn't you know that animal grouping was multilayered and complex? You pitiful fool.

Wikihow articles are a good place to find out how to fix your roof. They are not a good place to learn about science, because they were not created for that purpose. Wikipedia is for science and history and that stuff. Wikihow is for a different purpose. Saying you can use Wikihow to learn about animals is like saying you can eat soup with a fork.

Chickens, Cows, and Pigs are not classified as the "meats". Nor are they classified as the "All you can eat cafe". I was using that as a metaphor, but you're too stupid to understand metaphors. CHICKENS are birds. COWS and PIGS are MAMMALS. MEAT is simply an animal that people eat. It can be any animal, from snails to other humans. The term is culinary, and has no place whatsoever in animal classification.

Seaweed IS an ocean dweller, and it IS seafood. But it is not related to fish. FISH are ANIMALS. SEAWEED is a PLANT. You're crazy, sir. If the world used your type of animal classification, we'd be in pretty bad shape.

You're a NASA scientist in league with the Illuminati. That pretty much sums up how loony you are right there.

Judges, consider this my closing argument. What we have here is an idiot, or a troll. I'm not quite sure whether he's being an idiot intentionally or unintentionally, but if he's being stupid unintentionally, then God help us all. That the world would breed such a weirdo is unthinkable. Vote how you wish, but keep in mind that, if he wins, his beliefs will only be more justified and he will continue to have malformed thoughts and ideas. We need some votes, please vote as much as you can and as comprehensively as you can. Provide reasoning. I bid you farewell, at least for now.

Sir, you cannot classify dogs as rodents simply because they stole your pizza. I'm sorry.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
I know, but miracles can happen.
Posted by KwLm 2 years ago
@frankfurter50 it ain't going to happen, mr. no such thing as christmas doesn't understand simple logic
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
One article, Bryan, and I'll quit. ONE news report or police report about this mass cannibalism. Can you do it? Just a simple little challenge. I'll wait.
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
Frank, you are surely an inhumane troll. Get off the website, Gruff!
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
Ah, truly, the smartest person alive.
Posted by tellytiger 2 years ago
no but i play ping pong with them.
i play basketball with the heads of my victims.
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
Do you play baseball with marbles?
Posted by tellytiger 2 years ago
I always eat my soup with froks. I speak for the minority who do the same. vote for me, and the world wils be just a little bit better.
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
They're not a rodent. They belong to the genus Canis. Rodents are an entirely different order.
Posted by tellytiger 2 years ago
Icebeartheawesome oh yes glad you agree. I'm worried for Frankfurter50 because they are obviously rodents and not mammals. I don't know maybe they just never seen a dog before.
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