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doomsday would beat goku in a fight.

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Started: 4/6/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Name: Doomsday

Origin: DC Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Alien

Age: Thousands of years old at the least

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, Super Speed, Durability, Endurance, Immortality via Reactive Evolution, insane regeneration, able to come back from "dying" (due to immortality) and become stronger than what has killed it, Reactive Evolution grants him new abilities such as controled bone growth, breathing fire, telepathic immunity, can harm intangible beings, etc.

Weaknesses: No notable weaknesses

Destructive Capacity: Star level+

Range: Planet Level+

Speed: Massively FTL reactions can tag superman

Durability: universal+(His regeneration makes him nearly immpossible to kill, however he can be KO'd or incapacitated by lesser forces, but above what an average Kryptonian can dish out is required. He shrugged off Darkseid's Omega Effect.)

Strength: unknown. Shown to outmatch Darkseid and Superman during "Hunter/Prey", and held the upper hand against the entire Justice League during "The Doomsday Wars".

Stamina: can go on forever
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Intelligence: Capable of processing information extremely quickly and is able to adapt and evolve to whoever and whatever defeated it in combat.
doomsday cant be killed the same way twice


Good day dear sir!
My name is Whosawhat (as you can tell). I am a huge comic geek and I know many things about topics such as this. However, I know little of Goku, and I have never watched the show. But...
I do know what he can do (story about Goku does not matter).
Goku, as seen in Death Battle, is a near god individual, even pitted against Superman.
Goku can fly. Doomsday can't. Superman was stupid enough to fight Doomsday on the ground, which is why he lost.
Goku's Kahmehamehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! can destroy the earth if unhindered by any object. I am pretty shure that the aliens that remake Doomsday after his molecules are gone.
Also, Doomsday has no defense against psychic and magic attacks. Even if they couldn't kill him, the can banish him to the void or something.
Debate Round No. 1


you argument is indeed sloppy. anyway doomsday as seen in the stats is considered durable to any planet busting. molecules are you kidding me doomsday can regenerate off of nothing . why do you think they had to put him in the end of time where nothing survives to kill him. he eventually was saved due to brainiac getting him. look no matter what goku does to doomsday would regrow and adapt and get stronger. you cant kill doomsday twice. doomsday gets this.


... I admit, that part was not the best.
Also, I forgot to ask,
Which Doomsday are we using? There are multiple versions, and it depends on which one you are using. Recommended that you use the original, you have the best chance at winning.
Molecules aren't alive. So he couldn't be regenerated. Also he was blasted until there was just bone left, and had to have Lex Luthor to bring him back to life. Superman (vol. 2) #175.
Also (original, if you choose) he is as dumber than dumb. You could trick him into walking into a volcano with a leg of a cow! Mind attacks can always work. He even got mind controlled by Brainiac when he was smart! Intelligent! (V2)
Also he is Kryptonian. And based off Superman, he is week to magic. Goku is magic.
"You can't kill Doomsday twice." Correct. Hundreds of times.
Debate Round No. 2


we are using the most power incarnation of doomsday. like i said doomsday can regenerate off of nothing. The person that blast him to skeleton was emperix he was the embodiment of en trophy. En trophy is the end of time. well it depends on what type of magic . lex luther did not bring him back to life he just study his tissues. He actually is a mindless beast but he still beat justice league by himself with one hand tied behind his back. Mind attacks don't work on doomsday because he is mindless. first of brainiac merge with him that is different from physic attacks. Goku isn't technically magic but he does use magic items. The magic that must be use should be very high like reality warping . Doomsday would adapt from any energy blast attack. Magic in dc universe is energy . doomsday will get stronger and kill goku . I doubt goku durability is in doomsday level.


Sorry! I read the comments. I used the same source as my opponent, Wikipedia. I also used my even better source, my dad, who makes a living off of comic books. So he knows pretty well what is what and who is who.
Also, if Doomsday is mindless, wouldn't that make him easier to manipulate into trapping (or killing) himself. Which it would take a while for him to regenerate. All life, except plants (not counting cells), have a brain. Term mindless would mean he is pretty much following instinct. All you would have to do is to give him a thought. An image. He would follow that image. Also the intelligent Doomsday is out of question, as Superman kicked butt.
With Death Battle, Superman VS Goku, they were pretty well matched. They most likely have fought to a stand off if Superman did not go into the sun. This said, Goku could be able to take on Doomsday.
Magic has always been energy. In all universes. Thor stated this in his first movie.
Reality bending magic. So Goku can warp reality? If he can warp reality, could Goku just wipe Doomsday from existence, or send him to a "Limbo?" There is a limbo in DC, Read Final Crisis.
Debate Round No. 3


Your dad is not relevant to this argument .how do we even no if your dad knows a lot about comics. Mindless in the fact that he doesn't care about nothing and he will kill anyone. No you can really get rid off doomsday for good. Why do you think no matter where he goes they always send him away to another place. doomsday right now is very durable he survive omega effect with ease. In case you don't no omega effect is darksied ability to dis-ingrate matter. If doomsday killed superman what makes you think goku even stand a chance. goku can not reality warp and reality warp will just take him to another place. which will make goku look like he is trying to run away from the battle. you just make goku stronger than what he really is. Goku is really not all that powerful like you think he is.


How can my Dad, my closest source of information, not be counted in this? Every person has gone to their Dad for advice some time in their life. So by saying my dad cannot be involved in this, no other person can be involved either, as friends would be the same. In other words, people who are watching this debate, DO NOT make comments. DO NOT vote. This is what my opponent wants, the restriction of the freedom of the people. I say thee nay. I believe in fair debate, using outside sources and other people.
Also, my Dad has been manager at the Comic Shop for over TEN years. He has heard the opinions of hundreds, even thousands of people. He can tell you what every comic, every one, is about BEFORE they come out. He works sweat and tears all day listening to the talk of madmen, organizing, and reading, every single comic from more than 40 years ago!
He is a reliable source.
"No you can really get rid off doomsday for good." Thank you for agreeing with me.
"Goku can not reality warp and reality warp will just take him to another place." So he can grab Doomsday and drop him into the void, and go back. simple and done. And if the battle is in the Dragon Ball universe, then no one would really want to bring him back. Unless they were stupid, then Goku can have a drink and watch as everyone else tries to kill him. Then he can go somewhere else to live IF Doomsday destroys the universe. IF.
Debate Round No. 4


No what i am saying is how do we know your dad is 100% correct. You can say your dad but you have to back it up with facts. What do you mean no one can get involved? Any ways the people commenting are not debating so it really doesn't matter what they really say. What really matter is what we say . At the end it affects us. people can comment if they want. What does that have to do with the debate. people can vote which is extremely important. You are basically taking assumptions and being off topic. I never said that ,all i am saying is your dad is not a reliable way to show any proof. I am not trying to be disrespectful but how will you feel if your in a debate someone says, "Xbox is better because my dad said so". Please you can say your dad but provide sources to go with it.
First off i always said it was hard to get rid of doomsday. You never stated anything to agreeing to it.
First off how will goku take him to a void explain?
Whatever else you said was irrelevant to the debate and not even a good reason for goku to win.
You are little jumpy and off topic.


"You are basically taking assumptions and being off topic." Why, thank you. Taking assumptions is what debating is about.
Death Battle. Dragon Ball series. The Death of Superman. Superman / Wonder Woman. Google. Wikipedia. Stated my sources.
"Goku can not reality warp and reality warp will just take him to another place." Your words. What about instant transmission? So he can grab Doomsday and take him into the void (a place of nothing, empty space). Namek blew up, and he survived for a year just traveling through space (Goku has a power of flight that can somehow propel him through space, like Superman.) Also, throw him into a black hole! Who knows where he will pop up.
"Xbox is better because my dad said so". Actually, he plays PlayStation. And he doesn't care.
Thank you for doing a great debate.
Note: In the video I linked, Cell was considered invincible at the time.
Debate Round No. 5
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by danny123 7 years ago
first of instant transmission is actually some were near light speed. also doomsday have faster than light speed reflexes. because he was able to tag superman. goku is somewhere near massively hypersonic.
Posted by whosawhat64 7 years ago
Instant=Instant=no time at all.
He teleports out of grabs throughout the series.
Goku is much faster than Doomsday. He would have time to grab.
Didn't this debate end?
Posted by danny123 7 years ago
reality warping is not the same as teleporting . instant transmission is teleporting. I doubt goku would get a chance to even grab him . doomsday will murder goku.
Posted by danny123 7 years ago
he is so lucky it ended with him because i would of told him off.
Posted by danny123 7 years ago
i mean the same way twice
Posted by Ragnar 7 years ago
Use spell check, and ideally format it in MS word for a grammar check... Likely the debate will fall down to that.

I will admit I found this comment funny "you cant kill doomsday twice," as Grey Hulk/Ultimate Baby has been killed plenty of times in DC.
Posted by danny123 7 years ago
alright lets go unless your scared
Posted by The_Scapegoat_bleats 7 years ago
Okay, now I'd like to take this.
I am a comicbook artist and huge fan of both superhero comics and manga.
Would you challenge me to this?
Posted by draxhunter 7 years ago
Which ever the writer wants to win
Posted by The_Scapegoat_bleats 7 years ago
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